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GoogleChromePortable.exe launches regular Google Chrome

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GoogleChromePortable.exe launches regular Google Chrome

I have regular Google Chrome and Google Chrome Portable on my computer. I use Google Chrome Portable to run some applications where I need the version of Chrome not to change and I use regular Google Chrome for regular stuff like email, YouTube, web browsing etc. This setup has worked well for years but recently when I run Google Chrome Portable, regular Google Chrome comes up. However this phenomena only occurs if I have another regular Google Chrome already running in another window. If I have all the Google Chrome windows closed and then try to run Google Chrome Portable then Google Chrome Portable does open like it should. Without getting into too many details, my setup requires that I be able to run regular Google Chrome and Google Chrome Portable at the same time so I do need to figure this out. I have also noticed that the bookmarks from regular Google Chrome are now present in Google Chrome Portable. I did nothing to migrate my bookmarks. I have tried running Google Chrome Portable in "incognito" mode but that just open regular Google Chrome in "incognito" mode. Is there some kind of synchronization setting that might be causing this? Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Chrome Change

This was a change several versions back on Chrome's part where it checks for other running instances and hands off to it rather than starting a different instance. I don't know offhand if there is a supported way of doing this anymore.

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