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ReNamer Automatically Opens When Running PortableApps Launcher

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ReNamer Automatically Opens When Running PortableApps Launcher

For some reason the ReNamer program, which I do use from time to time, always opens upon running the Launcher... Every Time!. it has been doing so for months now and is terribly annoying. There is no option in the ReNamer settings to stop it from doing so that I have found. I recently updated to version 7.5, hoping a resolve was included in the patch, but no luck. Any help to resolve this issue would be most welcome.

While I am at it, the PortableApps Launcher itself will not update to version 25, even though I literally am prompted to do so every single time I run the Launcher. I click Next with the update checked, and watch as a progress bar gives the illusion that it is being updated, but every time I open the Launcher, I am prompted to update the software to v25.0 again and again and again... however, I am still using version 24.1. So basically, I am forced to close two unnecessary windows every time I open the Launcher and is rather annoying. I have even removed the PortableApps Launcher and all all of the Apps and reinstalled them, but still face the same issues.

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You Have It Set To

In the PA.c Platform, right click on ReNamer. Uncheck the Start Automatically option near the bottom of the popup menu. You likely misclicked in the right-click menu at some point.

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