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Portable CVS Client

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Portable CVS Client


Description: (From App Website:)

SmartCVS is an innovative multi-platform CVS client. It has powerful features, like built-in File Compare/Merge, Transaction display or List Repository Files, and still is easy and intuitive to use. SmartCVS focuses on your day-to-day tasks and usability and is not limited to the available CVS command set.

Don't waste time with learning command line options and installing several tools. Be productive from the first minute with an easy-to-learn graphical CVS client, which assists you where possible and contains all required functionality out-of-the-box.


While this is free for use with the Foundation version, it is not open-source. So I am posting only the launcher and directory structure, and the instructions on how to set it up. You will have to download the program yourself.

The program use Java, but you can download bundled version that uses its own Java folder. The program stores its settings in a folder in the data/settings directory. Also the Java location directory is stored in the registry. This reg setting is handled by the launcher.

Follow the Readme.txt file for instructions on how to setup SmartCVS Portable.

Download Link:

Application Homepage:

As always post any problems you might have.


Files needed to Compile:

Besides the standard NSIS setup and the plugins used by John here, these are the plugins needed to compile the SmartSVN.

Messagebox Plugin

Registry Plugin