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Ho do I upload an app?

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Ho do I upload an app?

I may be reallllly stupid, but how do I upload an app that I have made portable?
There doesnt seem to be an 'upload' button.
Do i have to email it to support?


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You don't upload them to us

Host the file somewhere else. There are a lot of places to host, SourceForge if it is open source (or just an online installer), Mediafire, Dropbox, etc. Whatever works for you and provides public access to the file.

Then post a beta test in the forum linked above (make sure you use the development test forum post template found here).

Just be aware that posting an app there doesn't guarantee it will get released. If the app is just an alternative to things we already have in the catalog and doesn't really provide any new features it has a low chance of getting released. If the app is completely different to what we have in the catalog and provides something new for our users it probably has a higher chance of getting picked. Even if it does get picked, it might take a while for that to happen.

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