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Anytype is a very powerful local-first, P2P, open source note-taking and PKM (personal knowledge management) app that allows you to highly customize your information storage experience.

It is currently in beta, but very usable and fine-tuned already. I have used it for a couple of weeks now an build my PKM in it. It's lightning fast and very reliable. It syncs flawlessly between my computer and my phone.

To use it on other computers (work, travel) a portable app would be very nice as it has no web app.


Windows app:


It would be very nice to see Anytype anytime soon on the PortableApps platform.



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Until then, you can at least bypass the installation process, and RUN the app "portable" using the following steps:

  1. Unzip setup.exe
  2. Inside of the '$PLUGINSDIR' folder, unzip app-64.7z to /app-64
  3. Rename the 'app-64' folder to whatever you like (ex: 'Anytype Portable')
  4. Move the folder to wherever you want to run it from
  5. Run Anytype.exe

Keep in mind that though it will technically be running from a portable installation location, the DATA is still being stored in your Windows UserData folder. (\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\anytype) But if you are in a locked-down environment situation, at least you will be able to RUN it.

You can also upvote the official feature request HERE. And there are even more detailed instructions similar to mine there as well.

Hope this helps someone!


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