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Gpg4win Portable

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Gpg4win Portable

Would it be possible now, to make a portable version of Gpg4win? They've changed the procedure, reducing it to copying files. This would allow encrypting, signing, decrypting, and verifying individual files outside of Thunderbird. For reference:

Gpg4win: Mkportable only allow portable installer with installed features

Portable version of Gpg4win

Tried and after a little confusion it seems to work but I'm not familiar enough with making portable apps. One problem is this leaves the key files within the App folder rather than in the Data

folder which would probably be a problem for updates.

The latest release of Gpg4win is:
Gpg4win 4.3.1 (Released: 2024-03-11)

May leave some daemons running when exit Kleopatra:
GnuPG’s smartcard daemon (32 bit) scdaemon.exe
GPG-agent (32 bit) gpg-agent.exe