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Automatic updates

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Automatic updates

Is there a way to have Portable Apps Menu update automatic of all the apps?

John Bentley
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No. There is, however, a

No. There is, however, a project (that I am a part of) that will allow you to update all programs. It, however, is still in development.

cowsay Moo
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MISIIM, I cant wait for that

MISIIM, I cant wait for that project, if you need any help, I have experience with databases and php, but not much knowledge on stuff like c.

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I look forward to this auto-update thing.

I love the way my IBM laptop auto-updater runs as well as Firefox Extension updater does. They keep an XML file containing info of latest version online, so that local apps can compare to this XML file.

When is your auto-update project available for beta release?

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