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Can not remove Firefox from U3 device

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Can not remove Firefox from U3 device

Hi all,

I had a virus detected on my Sandisc U3 drive. Instead of uninstalling apps, I deleted the complete content of the drive.

After that, I removed all the listed software from U3 application but firefox won't go. Now, I can not reinstall it again for it gives the message that it is already there even there is no application again.

What should I do?


John T. Haller
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U3 uses an internal XML file to keep track of apps. Your best bet is to backup all your important data and then reformat the writeable portion of the drive. If that fails, you'll need to contact U3 since something is wrong with the drive.

If you're using one of the U3 antivirus products, be careful as they often detect viruses that aren't there within other U3 apps.

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take it out..

and place it back in the usb port. if there is something wrong with the app, u3 will ask to remove on startup, otherwise go to program settings and then remove the program.



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