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Printing on a network printer..

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Printing on a network printer..

Heya folks,

I'm a new user to the portable's been a real life saver on campus. I dig it big time. Smile

In any case, I am trying to print webpages and such (in PFF) on a network printer with no luck. The printer is recognized and all seems well..but the data is never passed on to the printer. The printer works fine, as does window's communication with the printer (PFF is the only app I can't print from) I'm not sure if it is how I have PFF configured or the nature of having PFF run from a thumbdrive. (Abiword does work on the other hand - just tested it)

Anyone else have this problem?

I've checked through the forums and googled a bit to no maybe it's just me Wink



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In theory...

It should just work. FF doesn't care that it's running from a removable drive and just uses the standard Windows printing calls to print. If it is recognized within FILE - PRINT and shows up and you can configure it... it should just work.

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