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I noted a post asking for XMMS to be made portable for Windows.
The response was that XMMS is Linux/BSD only, and if there was a Windows Port to post it.

XMMS2 has gone to a client/server model... and both the client and server are available.

Esperanza is the client
XMMS2 is the server

Is it possible to build a single package of this pair as a portable app?

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It would be nice

if you could give
- a description of the program
- a link
- what license does it have

Makes it a lot easier for us...

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Xmms2 is open-source under the gnu gplv2
and xmms2 is a media player but the windows version lacks a gui so it's only at the moment commandline based
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Esperanza is a GUI client

Esperanza is a GUI client which controls the XMMS2 Media Player... XMMS2 runs as a daemon on the windows system, and you then start Esperanza and connect it to the XMMS2 server on the same system... giving GUI controls.

Looks like it's GPL, but not clear on the web pages.

See Page at

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It says that it's LGPL. I didn't check out the source. But their site says that it's licensed under LGPL and this is found in the COPYING file.

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