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Bug with macro on OOo 2.01

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Anonymous (not verified)
Bug with macro on OOo 2.01

On the PortableOpenOffice 2.01, when I click on "execute macro", POOo shut down!!!

On the french release of PortableOpenOffice with "John haller launcher", is the same thing...

Attrib a key to a macro force POOo to shut down too...

I tested this with "your" POOo, and my French POOo based on your launcher with the french release of OOo. Same result...

Post on our site of this problem:


great job!!!

PS, sorry for my poor english.....

John T. Haller
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Do macros use the JVM?

If macros use Java, then they will fail when you try to use them. This will be addressed in a future release.

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joshua (not verified)
without building any

without building any macro... a single click on "execute macro" shut down POOo, with the "normal" OOo, I don't ave this PB...

Normaly, a single click on "execute macro" open an other screen, and you choose your macro... this ocur normaly on "FixOOo" but on the POOo, it's impossible to view this second screen for choosing the macro...

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