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I love portable apps and have no need for U3 programs. However, i like the security that U3 offers. Is there another security option that can be used with portable apps?

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What kind

of security do you mean?
If you mean the lock-my-stick-with-a-password-security, thats not really secure and something similar will be added to the PAM.
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U3 Security

Why is U3 password and disk encription not secure?

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There is no data encryption provided with U3.

The U3 drive comes with the option for password protection only.

In an article from EverythingUSB dot com:
"It's possible to lock down the U3 smart drive's data partition with a password so that files will remain secure from prying eyes, complete with password hint. When security is enabled, the CD-ROM partition will load first, and will only enable the data partition after authentication. A password hint can be specified for those with bad memories, and in a worst case scenario the entire data partition can be erased if the password is truly forgotten."

Also my post (at the bottom) here concerning more recent Cruzer Titanium and Contour drives:


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