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This software is not free, but it's pretty cheap and already installable on a USB Stick.

Would love to see it integrated with PortableApps.

Alternatively, if there is already a password manager built, in that might be great as well, but I did not see it in the list of supported apps.

John Bentley
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There is Keepass

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We have password manager:

Don't be lazy look at the Apps Hosted Here list (you will see it).
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Stay away from RF2Go

Run away quickly. Run fast and don't look back.

It is one of the most UNportable apps around.

I still have a HDD partition that is labeled "Roboform2Go" because, despite having gotten rid of the app several months ago, I can't figger out how to get rid of this stupid drive label. I've tried searching the registry for the name and eliminating any references to it, and still to no avail.

Did I mention that I HATE Roboform?...

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In defense of RoboForm2Go

I don't share your experiences with RoboForm2Go. I use both "regular" RoboForm on my main desk computer and RoboForm2Go on my USB stick. I NEVER have had an issue with using these products. They have worked famously.

I use several different desktops/laptops per week and RoboForm2Go has never let me down. As long as you click on the "Exit" menu item for RoboForm, it cleanly removes any pieces that it used on the host machine. My USB stick is almost exclusively filled with Open Source and other free applications, but I am happy to shell out a few bucks for RoboForm as it's never let me down.

I have about 100 "passcards" that it maintains the username/password for various websites. There is no way for me to remember all of them and RoboForm manages them securely without the chance of my accounts being compromised. I also have numerous "safenotes" that I keep other private financial and personal data and I can take it around with me knowing that it is entirely secure even if I lose my stick. I also use TrueCrypt, for document storage but RoboForm works on all PC's without requiring Admin access to the host PC. Since RoboForm decrypts in memory (RAM) there is never a chance that an unencrypted form or your note is written to the host systems hard disk. (This is a problem with TCExplorer/TrueCrypt if you don't have Admin rights to the host PC).

As a big fan and user of open source software, I hardily endorse paying for RoboForm2Go as an addition to your portable applications.


John T. Haller
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That's a hidden autorun.inf. Show hidden files and delete that sucker.

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Okay, John...

...I'll give 'er a go. I'm currently running Grafpup off a CD. I just looked for the file you mentioned, found it, and opened it up: Sho' 'nuff, it refers to RF2Go. So, I deleted it.

Next time I boot into XP, I'll see what has happened. I'll post here if it's successful.


EDIT (Update):
Your suggestion worked like a charm, John, thx!

Truly, you da man.

"I don't hate long as they stay on the freeway, where they belong."
- Brad Stine

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I agree with Preacher

Stay away from RoboForm2Go as far as you can.

It writes tons to your registry and does't do anything like cleaning on close. And it destroys the settings of your local copy of AI RoboForm.

So: AI RoboForm is pretty fine installed on a fixed HD, but RF2Go is NOT PORTABLE at all.


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Sorry, but I use both and

Sorry, but I use both and don't have any problem maintaining separate settings for my fixed and 2Go installations. RF2Go does leave PortableRoboform.exe in the temp directory after running it, but that is all (still sloppy though if you ask me).

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I agree with IrishPrince

Another user of RF2Go (Pass2Go) and RForm at home PC here... and never, but never an issue with that.

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