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Using Firefox plugins on computer without shockwave, quicktime or adobe reader

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Using Firefox plugins on computer without shockwave, quicktime or adobe reader

I've got problems with Firefox portable plugins on computers without shockwave, quicktime etc. installed, because the plugins doesn't work. I solved only the problem with flash plugin - I copied file NPSWF32.dll, which has about 2MB, from opera plugins directory to my firefox, and now the Flash works also on computers without flash installed. But I can't solve the problem with other plugins. Any idea?

Tim Clark
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Associate in FFP


You did the best possible thing for Flash. I believe the latest FFP launcher allows you to associate some file types in FF to apps on your flash drive. Associate .pdf in FFP to SumatraPDF Portable on your flash drive. I think this was Johns plan, but someone will correct me if I'm wrong Smile

see this:
and scroll down a little to:
Configuring Helper Apps (PDF reader, document viewers, etc)

Don't know what you can do about QT Sad

Tim Clark

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Tim you're right!!!

It is here under Mime-Types Processing. Although if you (for example) let FF open a Pdf with Sumatra Portable, it will download the pdf to your temp folder and it will remain there unless you delete it manually.

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