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Sudoku Alternatives

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Sudoku Alternatives

I have to agree with a much echoed sentiment here that this application is not up-to-par with the quality of the other applications--multiple solutions and guessing at numbers isn't "hard" it's just annoying.

Is anyone aware of better alternatives? Maybe a different source we could point John toward in making it portable? I haven't tried many Windows applications for this, but they mostly seem to be not free and not portable.

A couple of excellent, free, and open-source projects I have found for other platforms, both written in JAVA, are:

Web-based: Sudoku Solver -
J2ME Mobile Devices: 5ud0ku -

John T. Haller
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Neither Help

Neither of which help in finding an alternative.

As has been said, if someone can find a solid open source Sudoku that can be made portable, I'll swap it in... all the complaints don't accomplish anything at all.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

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Didn't Mean to Offend

Sorry, John. I was trying to avoid rehashing old complaints, since I realize you're not the author of this program. I was hoping to turn things a little more constructive, and that maybe someone had found something for Windows that you or I hadn't.

There is excellent open source out there, just unfortunately not for the right platform. I think maybe there's a conspiracy to keep it away from the public, led by the publishers of the little books by the grocery store check-out and in the 99-cent stores. They're afraid all the middle-aged women will spread it around faster than Elf Bowling or Neko the Cat and put them out of business.

...but, I do have a different idea: "Neko Portable" Smile

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And the answer is...

... Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection, which includes Sudoku (called Solo), and many other great games.

Web site:

Scroll down and download them all in

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