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I have been looking for some kind of basic collection of programs and tools used in the the Unix and GNU/Linux field.

I think that a basic but interesting combination of tools is present in UnxUtils (see in sourceforge). However, that project seems to be discontinued since 2004 and there is not any portable version for this collection of tools.

When you have to manage and edit huge amounts of information is always useful gawk, sed, join, grep or diff and some decent shell.

I took a look at the .zip archive for this project and most of the items were executables. Thus, only a compression to .upx and an installer should be necessary to make a portable version.

What do you think?

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Would love to have gnuWin32 in

Would love to have GnuWin32 [] in

I use Linux as my primary OS, but for when I _have_ to work on Windows, I can't afford to be tied down. Hence I have all of gnuWin32 installed on my Windows box; a few listed below:

[.exe jpegexiforient.exe ppmflash.exe
411toppm.exe jpegtopnm.exe ppmforge.exe
aa jpegtran.exe ppmglobe.exe
aa_ jwhois.exe ppmhist.exe
abs.exe kill.exe ppmimgvquant
aclocal leaftoppm.exe ppmlabel.exe
aclocal-1.9 less.exe ppmmake.exe
add.exe lessecho.exe ppmmix.exe
addborder.exe lessfile ppmnorm.exe
addframe.exe lesskey.exe ppmntsc.exe
addftinfo.exe lesspipe ppmpat.exe
addtiffo.exe lha.exe ppmquant
afmtodit libart_lgpl_22.dll ppmquantall
agrep.exe libart2-config ppmrainbow
aid libattr1.dll ppmrelief.exe
aliastorle.exe libcharset1.dll ppmrough.exe
annotate.exe libconfig.dll ppmshadow
anytopnm libeay32.dll ppmshift.exe
applymap.exe libexpat.dll ppmspread.exe
arc.exe libexslt.dll ppmtoacad.exe
archive1.dll libgd2.dll ppmtoarbtxt.exe
arj-register.exe libgettextlib.dll ppmtobmp.exe
arj.exe libgettextpo.dll ppmtoeyuv.exe
arjdisp.exe libgettextsrc.dll ppmtogif.exe
ascii.exe libgsl.dll ppmtoicr.exe
fromcube.exe pbmmask.exe t1binary.exe
fromdi.exe pbmpage.exe t1disasm.exe
fromface.exe pbmpscale.exe t1lib-5.dll
fromgif.exe pbmreduce.exe t1lib5.dll
fromppm.exe pbmtext.exe t1mac.exe
fromrla.exe pbmtextps.exe t1unmac.exe
fromsun.exe pbmto10x.exe tac.exe
fromtiff.exe pbmto4425.exe tail.exe
fromxwd.exe pbmtoascii.exe tar.exe
fstopgm.exe pbmtoatk.exe targatorle.exe
ftbench.exe pbmtobbnbg.exe tbl.exe
ftchkwd.exe pbmtocmuwm.exe tcal.exe
ftdump.exe pbmtodjvurle.exe tdbm.exe
ftgamma.exe pbmtoepsi.exe tee.exe
ftlint.exe pbmtoepson.exe tek2plot.exe
ftmemchk.exe pbmtoescp2.exe tempfile
ftmulti.exe pbmtog3.exe termcap.dll
ftstring.exe pbmtogem.exe test.exe
fttimer.exe pbmtogo.exe testac.exe
fttry.exe pbmtoibm23xx.exe testcms.exe
ftvalid.exe pbmtoicon.exe testdbm.exe
ftview.exe pbmtoimgv.exe testgdbm.exe
funzip.exe pbmtojbg.exe testname.exe
g3topbm.exe pbmtolj.exe testndbm.exe
gawk.exe pbmtoln03.exe testtr.exe
gcal-daily pbmtolps.exe texi2dvi
gcal-ddiff pbmtomacp.exe texi2pdf
gcal-ddiffdrv pbmtomatrixorbital.exe texindex.exe
gcal-dst pbmtomda.exe texinfo2man.exe
gcal-gcalltx pbmtomgr.exe text2gif.exe pbmtomrf.exe text2pdf.exe
iccrw.exe pnmquant xbmtorle.exe
icctest.exe pnmremap.exe xcurses-config
icon2gif.exe pnmrotate.exe xgettext.exe
icontopbm.exe pnmscale.exe ximtoppm.exe
iconv.dll pnmscalefixed.exe xpm2wico.exe
iconv.exe pnmshear.exe xpm4.dll
icotoppm.exe pnmsmooth.exe xpmtoppm.exe
id.exe pnmsplit.exe xpmx4.dll
ident.exe pnmstitch.exe xslt-config
ifnames pnmtile.exe xsltproc.exe
igawk pnmtoddif.exe xtokid.exe
ilbmtoppm.exe pnmtofiasco.exe xvminitoppm.exe
imean.exe pnmtofits.exe xwdtopnm.exe
imgexp.exe pnmtojbig.exe yacc
imgsize.exe pnmtojpeg.exe yacc.bat
imgtoppm.exe pnmtopalm.exe yacc.exe
imgtops2.exe pnmtopclxl.exe ybmtopbm.exe
imgvinfo.exe pnmtoplainpnm ycbcr.exe
imgvtopnm.exe pnmtopng.exe yes.exe
imgvview pnmtopnm.exe yuvsplittoppm.exe
imgwrap.exe pnmtops.exe yuvtoppm.exe
includeres pnmtorast.exe zcat.exe
indent.exe pnmtorle.exe zcmp
indxbib.exe pnmtosgi.exe zdiff
info.exe pnmtosir.exe zegrep
infokey.exe pnmtotiff.exe zeisstopnm.exe
infotopam.exe pnmtotiffcmyk.exe zfgrep
install-info.exe pnmtoxwd.exe zforce
install.exe popt.dll zgrep
into.exe popt1.dll zimg.exe
invert.exe post-grohtml.exe zip.exe
iptcutil.exe postcard.exe zip32.dll
iroll.exe ppm2tiff.exe zipcloak.exe
iset.exe ppm3d.exe zipinfo.exe
istat.exe ppmbrighten.exe zipnote.exe
java2html ppmchange.exe zipsplit.exe
jbgtopbm.exe ppmcie.exe zless
jbig1.dll ppmcolormask.exe zless.bat
jbigtopnm.exe ppmcolors.exe zlib1.dll
join.exe ppmdim.exe zmore
jpeg2ktopam.exe ppmdist.exe znew
jpeg2ps.exe ppmdither.exe
jpeg62.dll ppmfade

Would really love to have GnuWin32 as a PortableApp.

Thanks a ton for the great effort [PortableApp].

s|a fynali

John T. Haller
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Add it to your Path

You just need to add the command line tools to your path. Grab yourself a copy of Command Prompt Portable. Install it and run it once. Then edit the commandprompt.bat file within your CommandPromptPortable\Data\Batch directory. Add this line to the end:

set path=%path%;%~d0\Utlilties\GnuWin32

Obviously, replace utilities\gnuwin32 with the relative to the root directory path to your binaries that you want to be able to use from the command prompt.

This will only affect the window you run from CPP not regular command prompts nor the rest of Windows.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

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GnuWin32 now portable (manually for now)!

Copied over C:\WINDOWS\system32\gw32\ to my portable apps location (F:\portable.apps\gw32\bin);

Edited F:\portable.apps\PortableApps\CommandPromptPortable\Data\Batch\commandprompt.bat

@echo off
color 07
prompt sjd $p$g
title commandline - portable (sjd)
set path=%path%;%~d0\portable.apps\gw32\bin


Thanks a ton John.

Keep up the excellent work brother.

s|a fynali

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