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Is there a way to change the look of PAM? (skins, themes, etc)

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Is there a way to change the look of PAM? (skins, themes, etc)

Is there a way to change the look of PAM, skin it or apply a theme?
I usually change the look of apps myself, but I did'nt find where the PAM files are.

If there's no skins or way to change the style of PAM maybe they should work on one!?

John Bentley
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In the latest beta. It can be found at

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John T. Haller
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Like MISIIM said, you can in the current beta of PAM. The full spec is still being finalized. 1.1 Beta 5 is coming this week with PNG support in the themes and we'll be officially launching Theme Format in conjunction with that release, creating a Themes forum and a Themes gallery.

There are a whole bunch of themes posted in this thread for the 1.0.2 Beta 4 release which will work in the current 1.1 Beta 4 release. These will be supported by the 1.1 final release, but will need to be updated to take full advantage of 1.1. There are also a couple of PAM variants (SmithTech's clone and netroid/xrxca's fork) in the forums that have their own theming format, but those theme formats won't be supported by the Platform going forward.

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je repart sur l'usage de portable apps pour mon collège c'est ce que j'ai trouvé de plus simple à mettre en oeuvre
si en plus on peut fabriquer son thème...
que du bonheur

good news thanks

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Me too! *looks over at John with excitement like a small child that just got a new puppy*

(i'm sorry, it's the best I could come up with :P)

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You could also get the PAM

You could also get the PAM Mod, which I use.

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