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Question about Portability

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Question about Portability

I wish to make Process Explorer portable. So you know what I'm taking about, I'll give this description from Portable FreeWare

Process Explorer V11.0

Synopsis: Process Explorer is an advanced task manager. It is an indispensable tool for both beginners and power users. I use it all the time to kill tasks that refuse to be killed, or find what which processes are still holding on to a particular file or DLL so it refuses to be deleted.

It's nice because it not only shows you the processes, but gives you a "description" of sorts, so that if something from your drive won't close off, you can kill it manually.

I know that its not open source, so I want to make a wrapper for it. However, whenever it loads on a new computer, you must agree to the license agreement. This appears to be part of the program itself. If I utilize a wrapper, such as the Portable Application Template 2.1, will the wrapper take care of this quirk?

Thank you for all help.

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You know that Mark and crew don't want anyone distributing their software, right? I think it is okay to take it with you and use it on a machine you are visiting.

As for their pop-up EULA, you could probably use AutoIT to make a keystroke to automatically accept it.

You might be able to use one of the installation monitors to figure out how it knows it is on a new machine and what it does to mark that the user has accepted the EULA so it doesn't have to show it again. Then the launcher could create that particular mark (registry key or whatever).

If it is just a registry key, the Portable Application Template launcher can probably take care of it.


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As stated, I wish to create

As stated, I wish to create a wrapper launcher watchama call-it.

You download the luancher, you download proc ex, then you install it in the wrapper.
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I would love to see a

I would love to see a launcher/wrapper for PE. I love this tool. Of course, you can't redistribute PE, as rab040ma mentioned. If you get a working launcher made, I'd be happy to mirror it.


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For what it's worth

there is discussion of using JauntePE to portablize Process Explorer (and a number of other useful apps) on this thread:

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