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LightBox JS Web Gallery Generator

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LightBox JS Web Gallery Generator

Howdy . . .

anyone be interested in some more web development apps?

I quite like this program for quick and dirty gallery making-
LightBox JS Web Gallery Generator

I don't think it leaves any reg entries . . . but I'm no programmer.

And I think it's open source . . . isn't it? I mean, the code's available on that page.

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Looked over site

Its freeware (right in the download area), although the source code is available for developers, true, but it also requires the .net framework.

While someone could create a wrapper for it (and the program's creators would be more then happy to have it happen, I would assume) It can't be hosted here.

The other problem is with its portabilty, is the .net framework. The .Net debate will rage on among users here (and most of it can be found by searching) but for the most part it is held the anything requiring the .Net framework isn't portable. (and please don't argue about it on this post).

You can check for registry entries by utilizing RegShot

However, your request was very well done.
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Last seen: 16 years 1 week ago
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cheers . . .

i was very nearly going to comment on the .Net aspect of it, but didn't think it would be a problem (stupidly, i didn't search fot that one first).

i may just end up doing what i've done for a couple of other programs, and adding it in myself - registry be damned!

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