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Keyboard ShortCut(s)

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Keyboard ShortCut(s)


Is there anyway to use a keyboard shortcut to open the PAM just like the
'start' button on a standard keyboard opens the Windows Menu?

Would be very handy?

Any tips much appreciated.


Patrick Patience
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Go check out.

The latest beta of the PAM in the Beta testing forums, it has various shortcut keys. Smile

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Pls search

Keyboard ShortCut in the search box yielded this result:

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John T. Haller
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WINDOWS-P with the Beta Release

Get the 1.1 Beta release here:

Use WINDOWS-P to show/hide the menu. And use ALT-D for Documents, ALT-M for Music, etc once the menu is up. So, you can easily pull up your portable documents folder by hitting WINDOWS-P, ALT-D anytime you want.

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