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UltraClipboard Portable

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UltraClipboard Portable

I am the author of UltraClipboard, and I have made a portable version, and I am wondering if you think it will be helpful at all in your "" site.

It is not an opensource project, and only runs on windows, but on all versions.

If not, thats fine too.

I haven't published the portable version anywhere, but the regular versions can be found at:



John T. Haller
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Coming Soon

Howdy Ryan. You'll be able to publish freeware and commercial (aka For Sale) apps in Format within the next few weeks. I can ping you when it's announced.

(In case you're unfamiliar, Format means it uses an installer that works with the Menu - which is provided for you - and that your app will follow a specific directory structure... you can see this in the existing apps on this site)

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Last seen: 16 years 9 months ago
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Thanks for the reply

Thanks for the reply John!

I'll wait then before I submit it to and such, so it gets on PA first.

If you could notify me that would be awesome!


Ryan McCue
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Any word on the uTorrent front?

Also, Ryan is by far the best name Wink
Ryan McCue.
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