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PStart is not good

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Anonymous (not verified)
PStart is not good

From their license:

"You must not distribute the files resulting of an installation."

OK, what about if I want to make my portable apps solution, which would be FREELY availavle to tohers, just preinstalled, that it works from scratch?

This software does not allow this. Is there any other, better solution?

Ryan McCue
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I am working on START
It is open source
R McCue

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I've found PStart to be useful and reliable.
It's a very good application.

I think that the developer is trying to avoid corrupted or altered installs from being created/distributed.
A corrupted install set getting around would be a big hassle for the developer.

If the "USB Flash Drive Police" pull your USB drive over and check it's contents, how are they to know HOW exactly the applicaion was installed?

Besides, if it's an issue, carry the install file and distribute THAT and everyone is happy! Biggrin

Buzzsaw (not verified)
Not a very good reason to

Not a very good reason to say it's not a good program (which it is). Did you try writing to PegTop and asking for permission to distribute? That worked for me.

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