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Chinese emails not coming in chinese

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Chinese emails not coming in chinese

I work in Taiwan, so I often get emails with traditional chinese characters. When I use Thunderbird on my laptop (the regular one), they appear just fine. I've just put Thunderbird Portable on a removable disk and copied my entire profile over so I could use it on my desktop. Now those emails are no longer in chinese, just gibberish, like:


Both my laptop and desktop have full Language support installed in Windows and I'm using the same profile I used on my laptop. Am I missing a setting somewhere or how can I get my mails back in Chinese?

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Codification problem

It seems a codification problem. Most e-mails come in UTF-8, ISOsomethingsomething... and others. Check your message codification (don't know how) and change the codification until you find some codification that allows you to see the e-mails correctly.

EDIT: I found out that that message shows some Chinese characters under Traditional Chinese (Big5).

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Go to

Select Your choice in "Fonts for" and in "Character encodings "eg Traditional Chinese
Adjust the Fonts style,
uncheck the two boxes in "character encodings" it should work then

2)Else You can copy the contents of your local TB folder from the laptop into the folder ....\thunderbirdPortable\App\thunderbird
it´s somewhat bigger than the real portable but it should work
(after all the copying You will have Your localized TB with Your profile together with the the launcher and the "portable TB " folder structure)

And,don´t select Thunderbird portabel as Your default email client

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