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Multiple USB drives

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Multiple USB drives

Is there any possible way to add a second 'PortableApps' folder to the menu?
Heres the setup, I have two USB drives.
One holds my utility apps. (FTP, DevC++, Clam, etc...)
And the other holds my games (Starcraft, CS:S, WoW, GuildWars, etc)
It would be nice if I could add another folder that the menu would look at.
So that I can plug both drives in, click 'Add App Dir' nav to my 2nd USB, and have it list all my games.
So I don't have to run two menus.
Not to big of a deal, just curious if it is possible. in any manor.
I would just write redirect launchers, but that would still list my 2nd drive on the rare occasions where I don't run both on the same comp Blum

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Categories are coming in a future release of the PAP.

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