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Google Chrome Portable-Specific Issues

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Incognito Mode Shortcut

Incognito mode can be launched by passing --incognito to the GoogleChromePortable.exe launcher. To make it more convenient, we also have an app you can install alongside.

To use the incognito mode shortcut, install the Google Chrome Portable Incognito Mode 1.0 app in the same PortableApps directory that GoogleChromePortable is in (so, if Google Chrome Portable is installed to X:\PortableApps\GoogleChromePortable, you'd install this to X:\PortableApps\GoogleChromePortableIncognito). In the Menu, it will show up as "Google Chrome Portable Incognito Mode". You can also rename it for the other channels of Google Chrome Portable. For example, renaming the shortcut's directory to GoogleChromePortableBetaIncognito will launch the beta version of Google Chrome Portable in the GoogleChromePortableBeta folder.