KeePass Portable Support

Many of the most common issues that arise when using KeePass Portable are addressed here. Please read through the various topics to see if any of them address your question. You can also post a question in the KeePass Portable Support Forum.

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KeePass Portable-Specific Issues

General KeePass Issues

Setting Up Your Password Database

To create your first password database, just follow these steps:

  • Click File and then New within KeePass Portable
  • Enter a password and click OK
  • Retype your password and click OK
  • Click File - Save and save your password database to your portable device (the Documents directory is a common location)

Helpful Tip - If, like most people, you only use one password database, it's very helpful to have Keepass Portable automatically open it for you each time. To do this, just have your database open and then click Tools - Options. In the Options window click on the Advanced tab. Under "Start and Exit", check the box next to "Automatically open last used database on startup". Then click OK. The next time you start KeePass Portable, your database will automatically open.

Change KeePass Portable to Another Language

By default, KeePass Portable ships with English as the default language and includes German, French, Italian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese and Spanish tranbslations. To switch the language, start KeePass Portable and select View - Change Language... and select the language you would like to use. The change will take effect when you restart KeePass Portable. To enable support for other languages, download a KeePass translation package and unzip the *.lng file to your KeePassPortable\Apps\KeePass directory.