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Portable App Development

Discuss portable app development and modification of existing apps.

Different executables for different Windows versions?

Submitted by Fayne Aldan on August 14, 2022 - 4:40pm

Hello. I want to make my portable app change ProgramExecutable based on the version of Windows. I tried to this in Custom.nsh:


    ${If} ${AtLeastWin110}
        ${SetEnvironmentVariablesPath} FullAppDir $AppDirectory\PolyMC
        ${SetEnvironmentVariablesPath} FullAppDir $AppDirectory\Legacy

But it seems I can't use the environment variable in ProgramExecutable. Any idea how I'd accomplish this? Thanks.

Help with creating a PortableApps version of Tabby

Submitted by wolfferine on August 5, 2022 - 4:12am


I am new at this, and so would very much appreciate the help from the community - i am trying to create a portableapps (paf) version of Tabby.
I created the appinfo.ini:


Name=Tabby PortableApps
Description=Tabby - a terminal for the modern age

NSIS Script launcher & Open with

Submitted by SimonGeek on July 27, 2022 - 12:34pm

Hi, I'm trying to create an NSIS compiled executable that selecting it from the "open with" choices opens the designated file in a specific executable. Basically a sort of launcher similar to the PA.c launcher but without including any code belonging to it. I noticed that the PA.c Template has "FileTypeCommandLine" and "FileTypeCommandLine-extension", is it possible to implement such a thing in a .nsi script?

I explain better


Newbie Question: Can you create portable apps inside a virtual machine?

Submitted by Ryan1 on June 29, 2022 - 4:01pm

Everything I have read online says that you should start with a "clean install" of the OS in order to begin to create a portable app.

I understand the reasons why, but obviously this is not necessarily an easy thing to do for a normal user.

So my question is can you use something like VMware to create a virtual machine with a freshly installed OS and create a portable app on a computer that is not a fresh install?

If so:

How to compile the start program? And what IDE is used?

Submitted by sy373466062 on June 28, 2022 - 3:36am

I download the start(PortableAppsStartSource21.2.2.7z) source code from SF, and want to modify and customize it.
It seems the code is in Pascal, and I installed the Lazarus IDE, but it doesn't know the source code project.

What is the IDE is used to compile the code? Any guide to build it?

LibreOffice Portable 7.3.2 not starting on Windows 11

Submitted by Strange Problem... on June 11, 2022 - 8:17pm

I downloaded LibreOfficePortable_7.3.2_MultilingualAll.paf.exe and installed it to a folder AppsPortable\LibreOffice
The installation was successful, but after that none of the applications can execute - all of them start and terminate immediately. I didn't expect such a strange problem. I didn't have that problem with LibreOfficePortable_7.3.1_MultilingualAll.paf.exe

Using DoubleExtractFilename

Submitted by Drazick on May 14, 2022 - 3:04am

I am trying to build a PortableApp.
The installer is an online installer.

The download file is an EXE file which has a folder within named $PLUGINSDIR which has a file named app-64.7z inside it.
What I want is to be able to extract the contents of app-64.7z into App\AppName folder.

Hence I created installer.ini as following: