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Outdated Official Portable Applications

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Outdated Official Portable Applications

Welcome to the outdated apps tracker. Please post a comment for any outdated official apps that aren't already listed. Before posting, please make sure that their stable Windows build is available and they have been announced by their publisher (just being available on a 3rd party site or FTP server doesn't count as the app may not yet be official). Comments will be deleted as they are added. Bug reports or requests for updates of unofficial apps released as development tests should be made as comments in the post for those apps. This list is maintained by Kenny Williams (scriptdaemon) as well as the admins.

Pre-Releases and Betas
These apps need someone like you to test them out before they can be released.

  • None

Work In Progress
These apps are being worked on. Current status is listed where available.

  • Balabolka
  • Blender 2.76
  • cdrtfe
  • FastCopy 3.06
  • GnuCash 2.6.9 (John building...)
  • KiTTY (depp.Jones built, posting soon...)
  • MicroSIP 3.10.6
  • Password Safe 3.37.1
  • qBittorrent 3.2.4
  • Wise Program Uninstaller

External Dependencies
These apps have something outside our control getting in the way of being updated.

  • 4st Attack 2.1 - Windows build unavailable **
  • AbiWord 3.x - Windows build unavailable **
  • Cornice 0.6.2 - Windows build unavailable **
  • Dia 0.97.3 - Windows build unavailable **
  • Eraser 6.x - See .NET Apps Note*, will be 'EraserProPortable' or Eraser .NET
  • FreeFileSync 6.3 and later - Process bug in 6.3 through 7.x
  • Fyre 1.0.1 - Windows build unavailable **
  • Gramps 4.x - Temporarily on hold pending stability and possible licensing issues
  • IcoFX 2.x - This is a paid version of the app
  • K-3D 8.0.2 - Windows build unavailable **
  • KeePass 2.x - See .NET Apps Note*, will be 'KeePassProPortable' or KeePass .NET
  • Listary 4.x - App asks for admin rights and will crash if not given (on Options - Apply or exit)
  • LMarbles 1.0.8 - Windows build unavailable **
  • Marble 1.11.3 - Currently a test build, may be deemed stable and released
  • Pathological 1.1.3 - Windows build unavailable **
  • SmartDeblur 2.x - This is a paid version of the app

* .NET Apps: does not yet list .NET apps in our directory. .NET-based apps will not work on most public PCs (net cafe, hotel business center, library, etc) as these PCs generally run Windows XP and do not have .NET installed. Unlike Java, .NET can not be legally portablized. So, .NET apps won't work unless the PC has the proper .NET library, which you can't determine until you try to run the app. To avoid confusing most end-users, .NET apps will be listed in a special section of the PA.c Directory with an explanation of this issue shortly.

** Windows build not up to date: These cross-platform apps have later versions for other platforms but not Windows, so they are up to date. If you are able, some publishers may need assistance building Windows versions.