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Powerpoint viewer 2007 portable

exonimus - December 10, 2007 - 11:14am
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I recently made powerpoint 2007 viewer portable(with the sfx creator) and it works like a charm. My problem was that the regular powerpoint viewer 2007 installed in a default directory, and I couldn't change it. Therefore, I created the portable from that directory. I can now carry it on a usb stick. What's the advantage of that, you ask? well, I'm not allowed to install anything at school, and my school has an older version of office, whilst I really love to make my presentations in ppt 2007, which I can now do. Of course, I didn't need to tell you that Sticking out tongue

anyway, I was wondering: With the sfx creator thing( does the created/packaged application leave any traces at all? also, I'm pretty sure someone must have made pptviewer portable before I did... Did anyone do that? and if not, am I allowed to give it to friends? because it is freeware, but it still is proprietary software, and I'm not really into this legal thing.

thanks for the feedback!

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You cannot modify, repackage or redistribute Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer.

There is always. Portable that can do just what you want PP to do.

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I used to use OOO writer for

I used to use OOO writer for quite some time (abiword after that), but I've always done my presentations in powerpoint. I'm downloading right now to see how well impress works for me. Haven't tried it for ages. There was some stuff I really liked in powerpoint that was not in impress, but I'm sure it has improved a lot. Hope It'll do. And if it does, thanks a lot for the suggestion:)

edit: not bad! not bad at all. I can open and most of(well actually all ppt presentations uptil now) work perfectly. My most commonly used effects are there.. great! Laughing out loud

Hey man. I'd like to have

Hey man. I'd like to have this exact thing too. Please could you tell me how to make a portable app from PowerPoint Viewer 2007? The Portable App Maker is confusing. Thanks Smiling

This is a six year old

This is a six year old thread, and I doubt the original poster is even around anymore so you probably won't get an answer.

But you should try LibreOffice Portable. It should be able to open PowerPoint files just fine.

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