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Evernote Portable Free (limited time!)

stevenrushing - December 27, 2007 - 5:23pm
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Yeah, I just saw this on LifeHacker and had to pass it on.

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Someone should upload this to the internet so it'll stay free! Smiling

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The installer will connect

The installer will connect to an activation server, so it has no use to keep the file.

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Become Trial Now

I follow the link, found that Evernote Portable is not free now, only Trial version is available.
If you like portable notes feature, you can try 8start Launcher at, it is free, with tree notes and launcher feature.

That's correct. only gives stuff away for a single day. So you have to check the sight everyday. Sometimes they have some really cools stuff. Smiling

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lets see how portable it is...

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I be sued if I made a launcher for Evernote? The name Evernote Portable is probably TMed, I would call the launcher something like PortaNotes (IDK). I would make a launcher 4 Evernote (eventhough I don't use EN) because why should people waste their money on modified freeware, when they can just download the original EN + a FOSS launcher and have the same results for $0.00 (excluding electricity use and bandwidth)...

How do you install in Portable Apps menu?

I have been using EverNote for a few months now and I love it, so I was really excited about getting the portable version for free! I have downloaded it and installed it on my thumb drive, but when I try to add it to the PortableApps menu, I get this error:

Unknown command line option: "-o"L:\PortableApps""

Anyone know how to get past this?

Create Evernote directory

Create Evernote directory under PortableApps. Then copy the evernote executable into the directory. Refresh the portable apps menu and evernote will show up, and will start without any error messages.

Can anyone assure me of the

Can anyone assure me of the safety of this?
I'm on a loaner right now, and don't want to mess it up

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the give-away is over but

the give-away is over Sad

but for me it worked if i had installed it before the give-away ended and then copied the folder containing it to a portable device(and made a new shortcut for it in the root directory of the drive)

if i wanted it on another drive these seems to work


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Well, you can still get it free.

I have tried alpha1's suggestion and it worked, but I had to reformat my flash drive so I lost the program.

But if evernote portable could have a free version for portable apps menu (coded by John Haller) that would be cool ^_^

If somebody would be willing to lend me a copy of the exact giveawayoftheday folder installed, then I'd be happy!


"If somebody would be willing to lend me a copy of the exact giveawayoftheday folder installed"

I'm sorry but what you are asking for is inappropriate for this forum.
The free period is over.
You should always make a backup of irreplaceable data/apps.
Please do not make requests to circumvent the copyright holders limited free offer. Any links provided will be deleted and the provider banned Sad


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I wasn't expecting anyone to

I wasn't expecting anyone to do that. Of course, but i'm wondering .... people are asking for portable evernote with a license that makes it free for portable app users and evernote is willing to give a license to that version of the program and I guess it's up to john haller to help code it.

His reply was to the wrong

His reply was to the wrong person, it should have been to "alpha1". We dont know that Evernote is willing to mass distribute their application for free. That was a one-time giveaway that has unfortunately ended. If agreements can be worked out that would be great, but don't get your hopes up.

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there's a free version so

there's a free version so it's all ok. All I'd have to do is install it on my usb flash drive and it's portable again. But the real portable version may be more usb effective... meaning it allows less read/write than the original does while keeping your information safe from unknown computers.


evernote 3 is now in beta testing(invite only)application seem=s to be if you apply you get it at some point

i applied for an invite and got it and the new evernote rocks
when you install the desktop version, it can install a portable version on a usb stick that seem to run fully portable

but to use evernote 3 at all you have to have an account cause it makes you log in right away, and syncs the notes between your computer, your portable evernote and your online account.

so apply for it and test it out people

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I have a reply to your sig-

I have a reply to your sig- lots of open source linux builds use torrents. Their may be other open source torrents. I don't know why someone would use them, but, I think this is in the interest of completeness.

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yes i do realizes that

i use them to full down legal linux distros on my dad's laptop where i cannot install anything

believe me i know I'm 1 of open sources biggest fans, the only non opn source stuff i use in Mircosoft windows and that won't stick around too long, i even uninstalled everything with a Microsoft label on it that i could and replaced them with FOSS software

i should remove it but i put it on to make a point in this topic

so i will remove it now before i stir up any trouble
sorry for causing any at all

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Nah, I don't think you

Nah, I don't think you caused any trouble, in fact, you brought up a good point. Personally, I see no point to using a torrent, but some want a torrent program. Why would I use a torrent? As I probably misunderstand it, a torrent grabs bits of the package information from other computers and puts it together. So why download it that way and risk viruses when I can it from ftp or such?

Yeah, we already chastised sergentsiler about that. Chastised him for another comment as well. Which I see is your point. A good point.

Too many lonely hearts in the real world
Too many bridges you can burn
Too many tables you can't turn
Don't wanna live my life in the real world