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Vmware and Thinstall

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tipra.wicked - January 24, 2008 - 6:06am
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Hey Guys Check this Site out

it looks like vmware is taking over thinstall.just so that you guys should know .
maybe the price of thinstall may decrease now.

anyway i made shell enhancer (my first portable app) ( portable using NSIS and i wanted to know the following
-where and how to upload the package
-what parts of the package are suposed to be uploaded
-i should post in the beta testing dept

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Interesting news about thinstall

but, seeing as Vmware prices range to over $4,000 for their top products, I won't be holding my breath for price cuts...

Also, Shell Enhancer is not open source, so you won't be able to distribute it through - in fact, more than that, according to their website, their licence terms explicitly forbid repackaging it in any way ( ) so you'll actually be breaking the law to distribute your package anywhere - the only way you could do it would be with their unmodified archive, plus one of your own that has all the portability stuff.


actually vmware server and vmware pc are free you only need to register online.
this was supposedly vmware's answer for microsoft virtual pc going free.

so should i post the launcher in the beta testing forums or someware else

you can post just the

you can post just the launcher in the beta testing
but not the actual program

Please search before posting. ~Thanks

Thinstall alternative for making Portable Programs

This is not for a purpose of double posting but to inform everyone wanting an alternative to thinstall or thinapp or the like.

Go to this topic and take a look at the program I mentioned.

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