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K-Meleon Portable 1.5.0 Dev Test 1

Travis Carrico
- May 12, 2008 - 1:45am
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Application: K-Meleon
Category: Internet
Description: K-Meleon is an extremely fast, customizable, lightweight web browser for the Win32 (Windows) platform based on the Gecko layout engine (the rendering engine of Mozilla).

Download K-Meleon Portable 1.5.0 Development Test 1 (English) [6.9MB download / 9.1MB installed]

Other language packages are coming

Please do a clean install

Release Notes:

1.5.0 Development Test 1 (2008-08-13)

  • updated to 1.5.0 final
  • fixed how it left an empty AppData folder
  • added in AdBlock Plus as a multi-installer option

1.5 Beta 2 Development Test 3(2008-07-16):
1.5 Beta 2 Development Test 2 (2008-06-02):
1.5 Beta 2 Development Test 1 (2008-06-02):
1.5 Beta Development Test 1 (2008-05-12): Initial release

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Yes,Super fast browser(1.5

Yes,Super fast browser(1.5 version works well with Windows vista) ,Thanks.

Pocket K-Meleon 1.1.3(no stable) by jujuland

PS : Sorry for my English


Ye,much more fast browser(1.5 version works well with Windows xp) ,ThX


I was going to make it, but school is getting harder.
I've heard that it requires a DLL in %SYSDIR%.
I'll test when I get home, after the band concert.

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I'm at school now, but i'll test it when i'm home.
Thanks for it.

Hello In time no problem in


In time no problem in windows 2000 and xp; with windows vista, sometimes i have a bug
has its closure, contrary a installable version.

PS : Sorry for my English

yeah, i think that's a bug

yeah, i think that's a bug with the beta. i know it errors if you try to do file>exit. Once 1.5 stable is released there shouldn't be any problems like that.


I love K-Melon. Great work, looks pretty good to me.

"Programming today is a race between software engineers striving to build bigger and better idiot-proof programs, and the Universe trying to produce bigger and better idiots. So far, the Universe is winning." - Rick Cook


I like K-Meleon myself. Sticking out tongue Travis, I downloaded it when you first released and gave it a quick whirl. It seemed to run fine. I'll try to test more later.


Thanks. One of my rare spelling mistakes.

"Programming today is a race between software engineers striving to build bigger and better idiot-proof programs, and the Universe trying to produce bigger and better idiots. So far, the Universe is winning." - Rick Cook


Good browser still testing get back to you later.

DNA... Forget it, it's too long to write.


Is this faster than Firefox? (without addons)

The guy who acts like he knows what he's talking about.

yes it's faster. i notice

yes it's faster. i notice less lag when clicking links but i have really fast internet. i'm sure if you have slow internet you wouldn't notice much improvement on speed. my firefox i'm comparing it to does have add-ons though so i guess i can't positively answer your question

FF3 vs KM1.5B

Try out a default FF3 install (no add-ons) to K-M 1.5 Beta and see how the difference is. I'm curious if you get the chance Smiling

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!


hm... well i guess my installed firefox is just a little slower. I just tried Portable versions of K-Meleon 1.5b, Firefox 2, and Firefox 3RC1, and i couldn't really tell any difference in speed; all three seemed pretty fast. Maybe the only advantage to having K-Meleon here also would be that it's smaller 8MB vs 24MB and the fact that we can use as the homepage

Faster than Firefox,Opera and

Faster than Firefox,Opera and Safari,it is undeniable; It is very light compared to the factory firefox (2.* or 3beta5), for K-Meleon it is possible to run it on a pc equipped with 32 mo.

Sorry for my English


Well, no like I was expecting. I didn't got a significant difference between this release of K-meleon vs Firefox 2 or 3beta without addons, of course I prefer my Firefox loaded, in this case yet the difference didn't fill my expectations.

H. Alexander Guillen G.

user.js not found

when trying to click on the menu line user settings, user.js not foung cames back.

Otto Sykora
Basel, Switzerland

beta bug?

i think it's a bug in the beta. the user file is now prefs.js so maybe the old one was user.js. it's not a big deal though, i think it just opens up the javascript file for you to manually edit it. you change all your settings in Edit>Preferences

Multilingual ?

Can it be made multilingual ?

not yet

the 1.5 beta version currently doesn't have translations, only the 1.1.x versions do. once they make it stable they will add other packages for other languages and i can then provide portable versions in those languages.

changing language ....

1.5 is released now.

any chance to change the language ?

i.e. by replacing the app/k-meleon with the zip-package in german ?
(from the K-Meleon-Dowonlod-Page

Beta 2

updated to Beta 2.

i'm really liking how we have more control over what we do with this browser than we do with firefox because of firefox's licensing limitations. i'm thinking once this is stable, someone like NeoRame should make a cool theme for it, since the default one is kinda ugly. I'm also thinking about including the AdBlock Plus add-on by default (i don't think anyone would have a problem with no ads Smiling )

K-Meleon portable 1.5 Beta 2

Thanks for Beta 2; yes, a new theme would be welcome; AdBlock Plus will increase K-Meleon as in firefox (for me), no ?

Sorry for my English

what did you mean

increase K-Meleon? do you mean in size or delay? i don't think it adds much size but i'm not really sure how it affects it speed-wise. add-ons may slow down the main programs, but ad-block plus i would think would also speed things up since it doesn't let the ads download on pages.


I agree, this would be a nice fresh alternative. A NeoRame theme would look awesome. However, I don't think you should have the addon by default. Mostly because sometimes it will block things you do want to see and they may or may not be ads. The only place I normally go where ads tick me off it SourceForge. Sticking out tongue


This updated K-meleon works great! Thanks

H. Alexander Guillen G.


K-Melon is 1.1.5, not 1.5

The guy who acts like he knows what he's talking about.


... 1.1.5 is the last stable release. 1.5 beta 2 is the beta release on the next version. as stated in the main topic, 1.1.5 can't be made portable without altering the source code but 1.5 can be.

Looks good to me. Lets hope

Looks good to me. Lets hope the K-Meleon team gets 1.5 final out the door soon, so this has a chance of becoming official

The developer formerly known as ZGitRDun8705


K-Meleon Portable just great, I prefer it over the lazy fat FireFox.

None of the bookmark plugins enabled by default, is this an issue, or by design?

bookmark plugin

neither. that was just the way K-Meleon was configured by default. thanks for pointing out that there's bookmark plugin included; i'll probably enable the mozilla style one by default next time i update this.


having a problem downloading from the site you uploaded the project onto, could someone email it to me? dfaroah(at)hotmail(dot)com please and thank you

[Email obfuscated by mod SL]



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Me too

I'm having the same problem could someone e-mail it to pawelweb1(at)gmail(dot)com please!

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Would be possible to include the msvcp60.dll in the next release to use this app on windows 2000? Or is not possible for license or other reasons?

H. Alexander Guillen G.


It can be included. Though not open source, it's small and normally a part of the OS and enables older Windows versions to use the software. This is the hosting exception that SourceForge allows.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!


okay i can add that. i assume it will work if i just drop that dll in the main app's folder. what about the other dependencies for win 98 and 95 here, can those be included also?


i'm thinking about changing the icon. do you guys think i should keep it as-is or change to one of the other 3 icons shown here? the current one is the top-left one.

Bottom Right/Left

I suggest either the bottom right of left one. I do certainly suggest changing it. if you need a high-res of the bottom right, John made one and posted it in the K-Meleon forums a while back. Just do a search for like 'new logo' in their forums perhaps.

Doesn't want to start up

Hey guys,

I just registered hoping that some of you might be able to help out.

I absolutely love K-Meleon and and seeing this browser here made me very enthusiastic. That enthusiasm didn't last long.

The browser simply doesn't start. I double click k-meleonportable.exe, I see the splash screen and then I get an error message saying:

" K-Meleon web browser has encountered an error and needs to close, we're sorry for the inconvenience."

Any ideas? I really want this browser to work. All the other applications that I download from here work like a charm. The official K-Meleon browser works flawless on my PC and Pocket K-Meleon also works.

I am using windows XP Pro SP2.

Kind Regards and thanks for reading!


sorry for the problems but keep in mind that both this version of k-meleon and the portable package of it are both in beta so they're not perfect yet.

i'm not really sure why you're getting the error. since you're on XP, it's not a dependency issue. Does the official 1.5 beta 2 work? it may be a problem with the k-meleon beta itself; you can download it from their sourceforge page. other things i'm thinking of that may or may not cause issues... since you have k-meleon installed, do you have the k-meleon loader exe running? i believe it's just loader.exe and don't know if that would cause issues. i guess it's also possible that have everything upx'd could also be the cause (we can test that later on).

Re: diagnosis


I don't have another version of k-meleon running or installed, so no problem with the loader, I got pocket k-meleon "installed" but that was after I tried this version.

The official beta also works here.

I also tried to start kmeleon.exe from the app/k-meleon folder.. same error message (as expected). Also tried compatibility modes.. nothing.

Thanks for the quick reply though.

The error is probably connected with something you did (I assume you're working on it?) to make it portable.


P.S. I know this a beta and problems are to be expected, I just wanted to throw this out in the open. I really love portableapps and k-meleon and I hope this is going to work in the future.


well lets see if this is a upx issue. Try out this decompressed version and tell me if it works. If it works, we'll just have to see which files are giving the problems and if it still doesn't work then i'll have to rack my brain for ideas later.

i'm not going to be able to reply to your testing for about 8 or 9 hours because i'm home from my new overnight job and still need to sleep.

sorry, it's a no-go

I'm sorry to inform you that it still doesn't work. Thanks for trying though.

I've tried to disable as many aplications as possible (antivir, smartdefrag, truetransparency) but it doesn't matter. The official version works with these programs running in the background so it was a long shot.

About that sleep thing: you can take all the time you want, I'm not obliging you to do anything. Eye-wink

EDIT: okay, here's what I'm going to try now. Last couple of weeks I've formatted my harddrive and installed windows like a madman. I'm going to do that now and test it all over again with a fresh install.

EDIT 2: okay, I tried it before I installed any drivers, after I installed drivers -> nothing. I tried it without any update (win XP home SP1 - OEM version) and after SP3 update -> still nothing.

I didn't get the error message anymore (nothing happened after the splash screen) but when I started the k-meleon.exe in the app\data folder it did ask me for two dll files: msvcr71.dll and mfc71.dll. I found them on a site and put them in the k-meleon folder and later in the windows\system32 folder but that didn't work either. Now, I do get the same error message as before: because of an error it closed... sorry for the inconvenience...

Maybe there is still a dll file missing?

Kind regards.


well if it doesn't work even when you're running the k-meleon exe directly i think it's some problem with k-meleon. i know you said the installed version works, but it appears the .7z version doesn't work, since that's what you're running when you tried the k-meleon exe. you can double check with the official .7z version from their site (you may want to clear any k-meleon data out of your appdata first). if that's the case, you should post on their forums (you don't have to register) and they can probably help out a lot more than i can.


Thanks for the answer and the effort. I'll look into it. I'll make sure to download this portable version when it reaches it's final stage.

EDIT: Don't know if you're still reading this, but I managed to get it working. The 7z version crashed here too and so I went to the official forums. They told me to donwload mscvp71.dll. The 7z version still doesn't work, but the portable edition now does. I'm using it as I write.

Great browser, great site, keep it up!

P.S. including the adblocker seems like a perfect plan to me Eye-wink

thanks for the info

thanks for the info. now i know all the dependencies k-meleon has. can anyone tell me which of these if not all can be included with our package on sourceforge?

Some users may need msvcp71.dll, msvcr71.dll, mfc71.dll

Windows 2000 users may need msvcp60.dll

Users of Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows NT 4.0 may have to install Vcredist.exe to get the latest run-time components for Visual C++

Users of Windows 95 may also have to install shlwapi.dll (part of Internet Explorer)

including dll files

I don't really know what you mean, but the three dll files that I needed were downloaded from

You can simply put the dll files in the k-meleon application folder, they don't have to be in the windows\system32 folder.

I like

I've never used this program before, but I just dled and installed your version on my USB drive. It's definitely quick. I've been messing with it for about 30 minutes or so and I haven't seen any noticeable problems yet. I like that it takes up a lot less space than a FF3 install and if it gets a final release I'll delete FF3 from my drive altogether. The skin definitely does suck though. It looks like a really old version of Netscape Navigator. lol

EDIT: Spoke too soon. lol Not a big issue but it won't let me change my default homepage. It keeps reverting back to

thanks for the testing. i'll

thanks for the testing. i'll look into why the homepage isn't changing.

No problem.

Is this the new logo icon or hasn't it been changed yet? The lizard with it's tongue hanging out staring at me constantly kind of gets on my nerves. I'm continuing to use this today and is a great browser. I'm running Windows XP Professional SP3 here at work and at home also (I tried it there too).

EDIT: I've used this long enough to decide I don't need Firefox Portable anymore. Firefox was prone to freezing and was slow anyway. I have one question though. When I choose the "Get more apps..." option, how do I get it to open K-Meleon by default? Since I uninstalled Firefox it defaults to IE on the host computer.


after looking in the k-meleon forums, it appears the homepage thing is a known bug in 1.5b2; i'm sure it'll be fixed in 1.5 final. you can change it by manually editing prefs.js in the Data folder. i will change the logo for my next release, along with adding in some dependency dlls. i don't think you can change the "get more apps..." option. when it was written, firefox was the only browser on the site (and still is the only official one) so it was programmed that way. if firefox portable doesn't exist it uses the default browser. just don't use the option then; has already been bookmarked in K-Meleon Portable.

Thanks for the info. I look

Thanks for the info. I look forward to your next release.

Dev Test 3

Updated to Dev Test 3.

i actually uploaded this a while back but never posted it. it now contains the dependencies for 2000/xp/vista. i'm still not sure about what to do about the vcredist.exe package that's needed by 95/98/NT though. does anyone know if it will work right if i just extract the like 25 files from the package with universal extractor and put it in the main k-meleon exe folder?

Dev Test 3

Thanks for the update; I have a question,why ''it now contains the dependencies for 2000/xp/vista'' ?, K-Meleon Portable of(2008-06-02)works well Windows 2000, xp and vista; and What is exactly vcredist.exe package ? , Thanks.

Sorry for my English

edit: I did a little test with Task Manager for Windows, and I noticed that K-Meleon Portable Development Test 2 start with 16 MB 0f RAM and K-Meleon Portable Development Test 3 with 20 MB 0f RAM (with the same configuration), Where does the difference ?


well the only real change i made to this release is i added and upx'd msvcp71.dll, msvcr71.dll, mfc71.dll, and msvcp60.dll to the app's binary folder. they are not needed by many computers but some don't have those dlls already. if k-meleon uses those upx'd dlls i added instead of the system32 ones then i guess that could explain the added ram usage but i'm not sure. vredist.exe is a package of Visual C++ 6.0 run-time components that according to K-Meleon's webpage may be needed by win 95/98/nt users.

I've been using this for a

I've been using this for a few days now and can verify that there are no performance problems whatsoever. I see the icon in the Portable Apps menu is changed. I like this one better. Is there any way to change tho one in the window also?

Empty folder

Empty Folder in Application Data called "K-Meleon" Any one else?


really? well i'll check into that. I still have some work to do on this though. 1.5 final has been released and i need to get that one done. i've had pretty much no time lately to do any programming. i think i can find some time; that or i'm debating handing this off to an experienced developer who has the time.

1.5 final

updated K-Meleon Portable to 1.5 Dev Test 1. i'll release the other language packages when i get more time (i'll try to do it someday soon).

1.5.0 final Development Test 1

Great work, Thank you Travis for sharing Smiling

bug :(

I open several Tabs 25 or 26 (empty or filled),K-meleon portable 1.5.0 dev test 1 it hangs or it closes whenever.

Sorry for my English

1.5 Dev Test 1 works well on vista

I've just tried it on Vista Ultimate SP1, and it runs really well and leaves nothing obvious behind.

The only thing I noticed is something very minor. There was a prompt to update AdBlock Plus upon first start up.


it's not to update it. if you chose to install AdBlockPlus, on first run k-meleon asks if you want to enable it, then adblock plus asks to subscribe to a list which is uses to know what ads and banners to block.

you're right...

Sorry about that. I'll admit I was only half awake when I installed it this morning and assumed the first message was refering to an update to adblock plus rather then K-Meleon finding and wanting to install it.


Thanks so much Travis for working on this app. I really like it a lot. The option to install the Adblock plugin is a great idea.
Does anyone know if there is a way to automatically scan downloads using clamwin portable? Somebody figured out how to do it with firefox using the download status bar addon. I know that is not an option with K-meleon, but perhaps there is another way.


In time no problem in windows 2000 and xp; with windows vista, sometimes i have a bug
has its closure, contrary a installable version.
PS : Sorry for my English


1.5.0 dev test 1 crashes on

1.5.0 dev test 1 crashes on vista sp1 home basic when clicking on the ABP button. It doesn't go to the pages marked with a link. for example, in the, none of the links were effective, but it recognised them as links....:·(

EDIT:In a Xp SP2 it goes fine

Eiñ??? A siñature????

It looks good, and it uses

It looks good, and it uses less memory than Firefox, no problems so far Smiling

Status on new updates

Just curious if this is still being maintained by the original developer (Travis)?

I'm new to PA but took a few moments to learn how to build projects based on this Dev 1 release. I have an updated PAF that:

1. updates to K-Meleon 1.5.2
2. uses the newer PA installer version 0.11.1
3. updates the adblock plugin version 1.0.1
4. uses the latest NSIS release

Not sure on the protocol on how to share maintenance on this or just create a new project that will supersede this one.

Much credit goes to the original dev - Travis - for making this an easy one to update.

Post it!!!!!! (I like the app

Post it!!!!!! (I like the app but it has been for so long "dead")

Eiñ??? A siñature????

K-Meleon 1.5.3

New version of K-Meleon 1.5.3

Waiting for new relase

1.5.0 Development Test 1
tested on XP Pro and XP Home on intel and amd processor works great !!!