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[Outdated] CAFE Mod Beta 5b Development Test 1 (to be renamed eXpresso)

BrianAll - May 18, 2008 - 5:03pm
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This thread is outdated. Please go here for a newer thread.

NEW ICON COMPLETED, thanks to Neorame.

Name: CAFE Mod
Category: Utilities
Description: While active, CAFE allows the user to associate files to applications on a portable device such as a USB flash drive or an iPod in disk mode, with a standard double click. No modifications will be made to the host system, all monitoring of file launches, all settings and all dependencies are contained in the CAFE Mod directory.
License: GPL

If you are upgrading from a release previous to CAFE Mod being updated to the PAF specs (mid beta 5), you will need to remove your old version first. You may still keep your old settings, just copy the ini file out of the old folder, then after installing the new version, copy the ini back to Data\settings.

Download CAFE Mod Beta 5b Development Test 1 [474 Kb/752 Kb]

Release Notes:

Beta 5b (2008-5-17)
Beta 5b is the first release of CAFE after I have taken over development, so any suggestions are very welcome. As always, please report bugs here.
If you would like to translate the .lng file to another locale, your help will be greatly appreciated and you will be credited in the final release. I am also looking for an icon artist and a creative mind to think of a better, more permanent name.

Beta 5b includes the following minor updates:

  • Improved help file and updated instructions
  • Icon for both running and paused
  • Informative traytips added around extension config

Beta 5
Last release maintained by ZachHudock

  • Fixes the working directory bug (Thanks to wraithdu for providing the fix)
  • Updated to PAF specs
  • New pretty icon- was not used when app was paused

Things to do:

  • Improve GUI
  • Window monitoring- CAFE refresh problem
  • Webapp support (?)
  • I'd like to add the capabilities of Convey
  • Documentation
  • More translations
  • Catch up with those bug reports
  • ( categories: )


    OK! Smiling We're getting somewhere

    Na na na, come on!

    Translations update

    Here are all the new translations please update these:


    If you're looking for a more

    If you're looking for a more permanent name than 'CAFE Mod' please consider CAFE Portable. (Just not pick a random new name...)

    I think this tool is useful and I myself start it as I start the Portable menu.


    I thought CAFE Portable was the most likely candidate. If a couple people post in agreement with this name, I'll change it for the next release.

    CAFE portable

    Already exist, this an up to date mod based in the original from framakey, so I suppose the name can´t be used...

    If a packet hits a pocket on a socket on a port,
    and the bus is interrupted as a very last resort,
    and the address of the memory makes your floppy disk abort,
    then the socket packet pocket has an error to report Laughing out loud


    Any other ideas?
    Aciago, can you get me a link to what you are talking about?

    http://clef.usb.googlepages.c is the original app. Since our version is quite different than the original (a lot added, it actually works, etc.) I think a different name is in order. I don't really have any ideas for a new name though

    The developer formerly known as ZGitRDun8705


    ...I'll do up another thread in Portable App Development for discussion of the name and icon submissions.

    Name Idea.

    what about cafe usb edition or cafe usb? Eye-wink

    Na na na, come on!

    I think we're trying to move

    I think we're trying to move away from CAFE, not the word "portable" lol

    The developer formerly known as ZGitRDun8705

    The help file needs more to it.

    It still doesn't mention how to open using an alternate app, or what the other buttons do. (Double Click settings, type and run, ect)

    The guy who acts like he knows what he's talking about.

    He never said the help file

    He never said the help file was finished or that it was perfect, just that it is improved over the old one. These things take time to go through.

    The developer formerly known as ZGitRDun8705

    To do

    I was just making a reccomendation. Plus, this wasn't in the to do list.

    The guy who acts like he knows what he's talking about.


    You might want to remove the CAFEMod.pafdata file.
    Also, if you cancel a file association, you still get the balloon pop-up saying that a new association has been added.

    "In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on." -- Robert Frost
    "In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: baby ain't mine." -- Adam Holguin

    Paf data

    The 'PafData" is from the R30 mod. It takes care of renaming and folder organization.

    The guy who acts like he knows what he's talking about.

    It should still be removed

    It should still be removed from the package. Not everybody uses R30, and it's not supported.

    The developer formerly known as ZGitRDun8705


    Missed that file. Smiling Just delete it if you want to.
    @argbrulo: You mean when the pop-up comes up to ask if you want to add an extension, and you click no, the traytip still shows up?
    I'll look in to that.


    That's what I meant.
    are EXE blacklisted by default? I'm trying to have an alternative association (to UniversalExtractor), but I can't manage to make it work.

    "In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on." -- Robert Frost
    "In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: baby ain't mine." -- Adam Holguin

    Its packaged?

    I didn't realize it came WITH the download. Yeah, that should be removed.

    The guy who acts like he knows what he's talking about.

    Icon and name submissions

    Icon and name discussions/submissions should be posted here.

    Don't know wich ones are mentioned or not

    I found some thing during translating, I just don't know wich of these issues have been mentioned already. I don't really have the drive to read through the entire thread since I'm awake for no more than half an hour or so, hehe.

    "restart=" under [tray] is not being modified by the .lng
    "extexists=" under [shared] is not being modified by the .lng, also, the title of this dialog does not appear in the .lng at all
    in the 'extgui' when you type an extension and press enter to confirm, nothing happens. I suggest you try associating the return to 'btnassoc'.
    if the associated application is not found, and you decide to update the extension, the extension of wich the program was not found should be highlighted/selected upon opening the window
    if you want to add an extension-association without specifying an application, it gives the error, but also still gives the confirmation pop-up balloon saying it worked
    the validate and cancel buttons in [dblclickgui] aren't translated

    Hans van Luttikhuizen (pindab0ter)

    Sorry for silly question but

    Sorry for silly question but how do you use the alternate application associated thru CAFE? Advocate


    while holding the ALT key.

    Insert original signature here with Greasemonkey Script.


    Cheers Advocate

    My first view

    -When I remove managed window, CAFE shows an "eggs" message box.
    -Instructions window is set to be always on top. Quite irritating.
    -Strange thing, when I double click a chm on my desktop, nothing happens, CAFE catches the double click, but doesn't show a menu.
    Other things I don't like:
    -When I try to add a class that already exists, CAFE shows a message box and clears the field. In my case, I was adding several classes with similar names - modifying would be faster then typing again. So I suggest - select the text instead, it's never slower for user and sometimes faster.
    -The menu that shows up after double clicking on unknown extension really misses a "cancel" button.

    Finally, I can't make it work with Total Commander. After double click, no menu appears. I added all TC Windows classes to be monitored, but CAFE misses the double clicks.

    "Those people who think they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who do." Asimov

    Come to help me.

    Hello, my name is Lahire Biette aka Tuxmouraille.
    I am one the original devs of C.A.F.E. And now the only one active.
    You can get the latest version of it here:
    I am developping other utilities, like a trash, a linker and other more ones.
    I always need help.

    Now with the latest realese you have: file association, context menu and hot keys.
    All without changing something in the Windows registry.

    Now I need some help to make configuration GUI.

    Outstanding software! I have

    Outstanding software!

    I have a simple (I believe) request: add an option to have eXpresso/CAFE start disabled, so that it's loaded but starts in "pause" mode. Or better yet, allow it to start in "pause" mode depending on the Host Computer Name Eye-wink

    Anyways, thanks for such a great app!

    Note to BrianAll !

    Why don't you combine forces?


    Sorry, but I've been offline for a while here, and am in awe with my new favourite browser, Chrome. Can someone give me an update on anything that i missed?

    Tuxmouraille, I think it would be great to "combine forces" as LOGAN suggests, I could use some help myself. I've kind of been winging it and learning more and more of AHK as i go, (I didn't know a whole lot when i started) but the development has progressed since the beta 5b release, even though I didn't work that much on it in the summer. If you want to contact me, you could share your new utilities and I could show you what I've done. My email is on my user page - speaking of which, I should probably check my inbox...



    Looking forward for improvements of t.r.a.s.h. Like working in other programs, not only in explorer (add fenetresAdditionnelles option in trash.ini or use the same one from cafe.ini). And restoring a directory from trash dir currently just makes file without extension instead of a directory, distroying all directory contents...

    I'd just like to say that we

    I'd just like to say that we started using this at work a while ago and a lot of employees complained about the icon and name.
    I saw the new name and recompiled with the new name and an icon which I made myself.
    I'd just like to show it just in case someone is interested.
    Preview (Originally made to show the other people here. Not very pretty since I didn't have much time.)

    And yeah, there are 2 16x16 icons (With different tray icons). We ended up using the miniature version of the bigger ones.

    For the design, I basically used the same style as the Xenon icon.

    Signature automatically removed for containing links

    OMG my toung hurts AHHH!

    lol, those actually look really good. I love the file icon sitting in the red substance in the coffee cup. Please send me an email with this (see my user page). I'll have to figure out a way to use these, cause I like the ones Neorame did too. I might work out some alternately themed releases.

    As far as development has been going, I have to be honest and say that things were kind of slow over the summer, I had very little time with a job and such. I DO plan to do some work on this and get a new beta release out very soon, hopefully before the end of the month (don't quote me! Eye-wink.

    @Mr. Magical: Did you just use ResHack to change the paused and running icons for the AHK exe (as I have been doing), or is there another method (like sometihing actually in the source code)? I've searched, and haven't come up with anything other than the ResHack method. Again, I'd appreciate if if you sent me an email with those icons you did.

    I'll just find the icon files

    I'll just find the icon files first. Smiling

    For the paused and running icons, set your own icons with
    Menu, Tray, Icon, Filename.ico,,1
    at the beginning of the script, before and after pausing/suspending.
    The number at the end freezes the icon so it doesn't change automatically when the script is paused or suspended.

    Signature automatically removed for containing links

    Complaints about the icon and

    Complaints about the icon and name!? What kind of complaints??

    Well probably the application itself is perfect then Smiling

    A few people didn't like the

    A few people didn't like the name "CAFE Mod" and the icon made from parts of the Tango icon set (Quote: "I can't see what that icon is"). I saw the new name (eXpresso) but couldn't find a ready icon.
    The app isn't perfect, we've had complaints about that too. But me and a few other people here are working on new features.
    One feature we completed is the ability to pass a file name as a parameter, automatically open it in the associated portable application and then exit without showing anything.
    We also have ideas for a window where files can be dropped to open them and automatic creation of a 'Send to' item.

    We should have some code ready in a few days and I'll have the icon files ready tomorrow.

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    Hi Just wondering when the


    Just wondering when the name and/or icon of this will be changed in the app itself? Advocate

    Beta 6

    The new icon and name will be implemented in the next release, beta 6.
    I intend to have completely replaced the CAFE branding with eXpresso by then, but will keep the release numbers the same.

    I've prepared some icon

    I've prepared some icon files.

    Main application icon
    Icon for 'Running' state
    Icon for 'paused' state

    With simple 16x16 icon (Just a sheet of paper with xE on it):
    Main application icon
    Icon for 'Running' state
    Icon for 'paused' state

    I release these for free usage within the eXpresso project. The icons may not be used outside the project without my permission.

    For theming support, I believe that you could add
    ; get theme and change tray icon to theme
    Iniread, icotheme, %inifile%, configuration, icontheme, default
    Menu, tray, Icon, \themes\%icotheme%\running.ico,, 1

    right above "; get localization" in cafe.ahk and replace the pause sub with:
    Ctrl & LWin:: ;************change this hotkey****************
    if A_IsSuspended = 1
    Menu, tray, Icon, \themes\%icotheme%\running.ico,, 1
    Menu, tray, Icon, \themes\%icotheme%\paused.ico,, 1
    Menu, tray, ToggleCheck, %pause%`t(Ctrl+Win)

    I'm not sure if the above really works, but it should. I just got the idea and I can't run or compile scripts right now (Hardware upgrades). I'll come back later with some UI code.

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    Hey Brian - Started using

    Hey Brian - Started using this again and gave it a more fair go and realised this app is Sweet. Its like the missing link between PortablApps and the host pc. Makes PortableApps a whole lot more convenient and is pretty simple to use as well.

    I have a feature suggestion:

    Association Profiles - Say with images, you could set your main and and alt. apps you want to run say jpg's thru and save the profile as Image Files. Then when you got to open png's, tiff's, bmp's etc, rather than setting the associations again and again for each, you could simply select the Image Files profile. I hope you find the idea interesting. Advocate

    Or perhaps the ability to

    Or perhaps the ability to copy the settings from another association or sharing settings with another association?

    Signature automatically removed for containing links


    cool idea. I don't think that would be too complicated to implement, It would basically be a matter of using multiple inis for different profiles.

    Peter, our excellent designer

    Peter, our excellent designer guy has made some UI and feature mockups and I'm trying to write the code for it.
    I'm also improving the built in run dialog to make it look more like the windows one (I actually had some unfinished code for an exact copy of the windows run dialog with a checkbox for showing advanced options such as running as another user, or in a maximized/minimized/hidden window).

    I'll upload the source files somewhere at the end of the week.

    Signature automatically removed for containing links

    Thanks, that's great! I owe

    Thanks, that's great!
    I owe you for doing this, I've just been caught up in a lot of personal things lately.
    I'd love to see these UI and feature mockups you're talking about. I was originally thinking of changing the UI to a tabbed like interface, similar to Toucan or Convey - the features of the latter I intend to eventually add in to expresso sometime.
    However, before any really new features like that are added, I'd like to get it to a clean state that can get it out of beta. The one thing I'm really trying to work out right now is the automatic association configurer - which will be a wizard based executable written in NSIS. I think this is the thing that will help open up expresso to less "technically inclined" users. Although it is simple to use, it might be difficult for a basic computer user to configure manually.
    Keep posting this stuff here, it's a help.

    Hehe. I'll do as much as I

    Hehe. I'll do as much as I can and post the source code on Friday.
    I do have some ides for a wizard.
    It could look like this:

    Welcome to eXpresso! Before we can start you have to set some file associations.
    You can either let espresso do this for you or do it manually.
    Select an option:

    (*) Do it automatically

    ( ) I want to do it myself

    Selecting the first one would associate extensions to the apps which support these automatically. If 2 or more apps can be used on the same type of files, ask the user.

    The later option offers a list of extensions grouped into categories like Sound/Music, Documents, Images, Video and Text/Source.
    The associations can then be set for individual extensions or whole groups.
    Again, it'll auto detect apps.

    I've started working on it and it looks promising.

    Signature automatically removed for containing links


    Mr Magical Wrote:
    Selecting the first one would associate extensions to the apps which support these automatically. If 2 or more apps can be used on the same type of files, ask the user.

    I'm curious as to how you will accomplish knowing which apps support which file types.

    "If knowledge can create problems, is it not through ignorance that we can solve them." -Isaac Asimov

    Good question

    Would eXpresso just support the official apps? Would you scan the drive to see which apps are installed? You are going to end up with A LOT of file types. How do you plan on handling that many?

    "In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on." -- Robert Frost
    "In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: baby ain't mine." -- Adam Holguin


    Scan for several of the major apps like the OO.o ones, and then automatically write the extension associations.

    So it'll detect 7-zip portable, and then write associations with a few archive extensions (zip, 7z,) to the ini - the same for picture/video extensions and document extensions.

    The automatic wizard is only going to be intended to set up the basic extension config for major official portableapps. However, expresso itself can support any executable on the usb drive, regardless of whether it's in PAF or not.

    I can do this in NSIS with something like IfFileExists "../../../7-ZipPortable/7-ZipPortable.exe" and then WriteINIStr.

    The automatic detection will

    The automatic detection will work something like this:

    1. Detect apps and any other .exe files which are placed within a subfolder in the PortableApps folder (Basically everything which shows up on the menu).
    2. Compare the apps detected with an included list of apps with all the file extensions they support.
    3. If an app matches an entry on the list, associate these extensions with the app.
    4. If an extension already is associated with another app, ask the user which one it prefers. If the user doesn't know what to answer, it'll use the already associated app. This means that apps higher up on the list will be used if the user doesn't choose.

    Custom apps which aren't automatically detected can be added in the manual mode only.

    It should also be possible to run the wizard again from the association settings UI.

    There might be a lot of file types, yes. But it shouldn't affect eXpresso when the configuration wizard is done and has written all the configuration files.

    Signature automatically removed for containing links

    Couple bugs / requests -

    First off, love the app Smiling

    1) double clicking the title of a folder currently pulls up CAFE instead of maximizing / restoring the window.

    2) Alt+Enter and Alt+double-click already have special meaning in windows (File / Folder Properties) is there any way to get those back without pausing / killing CAFE?

    Edit: another effect of #2: if you select 2+ folders and hit alt+enter, CAFE tries to associate the 'files' (typ files w/ no extension) with something.

    I'm also occasionally getting multi-line entries. I've not been able to duplicate and _see_ what caused it, but this 'line' was in the file twice and could not be deleted from extension manager:

    File association switches?

    Can switches be used with file associations?? I want to run JavaPortablizer which requires the -jar switch to run a JAR file. I have tried:

    "..\..\..\JavaPortablizer\bin\javaw.exe" -jar
    "..\..\..\JavaPortablizer\bin\javaw.exe" "-jar"
    ..\..\..\JavaPortablizer\bin\javaw.exe -jar

    None of which work.



    Wildcard in ahk_class?

    Is there anyway to use a wildcard in the ahk_class AFX for the managed window in CAFE Mod? I have an application that has a different value each time I open it. Right now it is


    The change seems to only happen for the last 8 characters (00450653 in this example.

    Thanks. Mark.

    Hi Guys

    I'm writing to ask (with fingers crossed) is this still in development? Its a great app, as said previously its like the missing link between and the host pc as you can associate your files. You could use that missing link thing as a tag line maybe:-p

    Anyway hope yous are still working on this. Its great and once completed I am sure will become an essential part of Advocate


    Wow, I can't believe I didn't notice this comment until now, but I answered the question below anyways.
    However, I like your idea for the tagline "The Missing Link". Laughing out loud I think I'll use it if you don't mind.

    Please do :-)

    I'll have a broad smile on my face when I see it in action. Advocate

    Broken link

    The link to the app is broken

    The guy who acts like he knows what he's talking about.


    Patrick moved my directory around the other day, so some of the links probably broke.
    Thanks for the heads up.
    Edit: It should work now.


    I'm hoping that means your still developing this right? *finger crossed* Advocate


    Yeah, I'm still working on this, things have just been kinda slow due to my school/lack of internet for a few weeks/lack of a computer for a few weeks/an OS that needs reinstalling/... *sigh*...
    And the holidays: my family objects to me spending time in front of computer during holidays instead of with them (I don't blame them for it! Eye-wink.
    Don't worry, I'm trying to do more and get an update for everyone soon. Eye-wink I started maintaining this because I didn't want it to die, and I don't plan on letting it now either.

    Schweet :-)

    Thanks Brian Smiling Advocate

    Problem with xplorer2


    First, thanks for your development Smiling

    I've installed this mod (I used CAFE before) and there is a problem with it. In fact, I use xplorer2 lite instead of the windows explorer and when I "Shift + Ctrl + Left Click" nothing happens (no pop up appears)... I've tested with windows explorer and it runs perfectly.

    Could you help me ?



    I think it's specifically designed to monitor the window class associated with Windows Explorer windows. Alternate shells will throw it off. If you know the name of xplorer2's window class, you could try adding it to CAFE's list of window classes to monitor...


    CAFE/eXpresso only monitors Windows Explorer by default, so to the monitored window configuration (Right click > Preferences or Alt+Win+W) to add xplorer2 lite to the list.

    To add another window for eXpresso to manage, hold Shift+Win and click the window's title bar, or if you already know the ahk_class you can add multiple windows by typing the full class name with a pipe |.

    I have not yet tested this with many other alternatives to windows explorer, but I afaik it works with Xenon 1.x. If you don't mind, post back with your experience using it with xplorer2 lite, I'll be testing it with different file managers before the next release and wouldn't mind knowing about any problems before. Among that, and other things, I'll put together a more thorough documentation.

    That works with xplorer2

    Thanks for your answers.

    Indeed, I configured a Monitored window like this : "ahk_class ATL:ExplorerFrame|" and it works perfectly !

    Is there any chance...

    that you could add other programs to be watched, such as, for instance, Executor (

    Also, deleting a monitored window in the Win+Alt+W menu yields the message "eggs". Just in case you wanted to know.

    A few minor issues

    I have just two issues with CAFE right now:

    1. Double-clicking the title bar of an Explorer window (to maximize/restore it) while a file is selected opens the file.

    2. Double-clicking anything in an Explorer window other than a file (title bar, Control Panel icon, empty space, etc.) locks up the mouse for a split second. Not major, but still annoying.

    Other than that, it works great!

    So, um.

    Any chance these bugs could be fixed...?

    I discovered another one, too: Double-clicking files with CAFE active sometimes causes Explorer to put the file into "rename mode".


    Just to confirm the bugs, I've had the same problems as Bruce here.

    "Programming today is a race between software engineers striving to build bigger and better idiot-proof programs, and the Universe trying to produce bigger and better idiots. So far, the Universe is winning." - Rick Cook


    I can also confirm this bug in XP Pro SP3 using PAM 2.0 Beta 3 and Cafe Mod Beta 5b.


    Ps. Looking forward to an update, cannot think to use my portable apps without this app.

    @Bug reports

    As you may know, I've been swamped with school work for a while and there are quite a few bugs that I have not yet replied to. Not to worry, I'll look through them all and try to find the solutions. I've got some catching up to do; but thank you to everyone for their input.

    Feature Requests

    I apologize if some of these feature requests are already implemented or already requested (there is a lot to read on this page). I am new to this and I would like to share some ideas to better improve this already great utility.

    I've been looking for an app like this for a while and then I was relieved to find the original CAFE, then to stumble upon this version.

    Anyways, if you're considering feature requests, here are some things that I really, really would love to see implemented into CAFE/EXPRESSO. This may sound like a stupid request, but if you hear me out, you may see how this request may be useful to others.

    Make associations that only work for certain/multiple folders.

    Let me elaborate so that you can understand what I mean. I am into game emulation and I like to run roms off of a portable drive since I like to have all of my games on the go. Common practice in the emulation scene is to zip up the roms to conserve disk space. That's good and bad at the same time. Of course, it saves a lot of disk space if you have a lot of roms on a portable drive that doesn't have a high capacity. Bad thing is that roms for different consoles will have the same file type extension and open up in only one type of zip program (or associated program) that is reserved for that file type, plus I would like to run different zipped rom files with different emulators and currently, all will run with one program. You can only have one program association per file type. I would like to have all of the zip files in one folder open up in a specific program and all of the zip files in another folder to open up in another program (basically, have certain zipped roms open up in their corresponding emulator). For example, all of the zipped Sega Genesis roms in a folder specifically for Sega Genesis roms will open up in a Sega Genesis emulator that is located on the portable drive. Most emulators have zip support built in so that you can directly load up the zip file directly into the emulator. Maybe have an option to include subdirectories of the defined folder as well. Along with this feature, it would be nice to have a custom icon for each filetype in each defined folder. It would be cool to have a Genesis icon on a zipped Genesis rom and have a NES icon on a zipped NES rom in another folder. I'm sure many other users would have a benefit for this feature even if they don't have the same usage as I do.

    If that feature request was ever implemented, here are some other options that you could have for everything else on the portable drive that doesn't have specific folder settings:

    Option to set general default associations for everything else on the portable drive, or instead, have it so that the user can have the files on the portable drive open with the Windows default. You could have it so that only one option or the other is selectable.

    Option of having a check box that will allow the user to not use CAFE's settings on files outside of the portable drive which basically means that anything outside of the drive will run as usual using windows associations, while files on the drive will run through CAFE, so this would eliminate the need to pause CAFE when running files on the actual computer's desktop.

    Miscellaneous feature requests:

    Custom executable icon.
    Custom/disable splash screen.
    Eject option in right click options in the tray.
    Close CAFE when drive is ejected properly by another application on the portable drive or if it is improperly pulled out. CAFE seems to hang around on the tray after the drive is ejected or improperly removed.

    I know that you're very busy with school, so good luck with the project and I hope to see a new version soon. Smiling

    Tuxmouraille: Thanks for starting the original version. This is something that I was looking for for a long time. Laughing out loud

    Mr. Magical: The icons look great! The only gripe is that the handle looks weird for some reason. Looks more like an ear and seems out of place for some reason. Maybe it's the perspective that's off. It appears that the bottom part of the handle is angled toward the user and it's not straight up and down from the top to bottom like a normal coffe cup handle would be. Looks like it's at a 45 degree angle. The grip/hole looks lumpy instead in nice, uniform smooth curves also. Everything else looks great though!

    Signature automatically removed for containing links

    Sorry to be late

    I readed quickly the posts.
    I am ok to combines our forces.
    I fixed the directory problem.
    I am working on java applications, but not perfect.
    But now I have no many times to work on, and I have been definitly on Ubuntu OS.

    To hack easily an AHK compiled app you can use my own version of Compil_AHK, here:

    @Mr Magical said:"One feature we completed is the ability to pass a file name as a parameter, automatically open it in the associated portable application and then exit without showing anything."
    There is also one, it is sucre, on :
    But sorry the web site is only in french, and not mine.

    @Mr Magical said:"We also have ideas for a window where files can be dropped to open them and automatic creation of a 'Send to' item."
    You can do that with the latest original version of cafe, with its contect menu fonction.

    Association's profiles is a good idea.

    @Brian All said:"Wow, I can't believe I didn't notice this comment until now, but I answered the question below anyways.
    However, I like your idea for the tagline "The Missing Link". Laughing out loud I think I'll use it if you don't mind."
    I worked on portable link with relative paths, but not finish.

    Goog night.

    I am having problems setting

    I am having problems setting up to work with different file managers. The 7zip file manager has ahk_class FM but it still doesn't detect when I saved it in my monitored window. Another file manager I tried is snowbird ( which seems to have a random set of ahk_class such as ahk_class Afx:00400000:0:00010011:01900010:015D03BD which doesn't work with this program either. Just wondering if there is anyway to make theses two file managers compatible.

    Name suggestion

    Are possible names for the app still being accepted? I mean I know eXpresso has been currently chosen but seeing as it hasn't been implemented yet so thought I would make another suggestion. Now this sorta goes hand in hand with the "missing link" tag line idea. Basically something like Sapien, Cro Magnon or something where its a monkey/human name and the icon could be a matching monkey, eg a chimp smiling, maybe a Donkey Kong remake or maybe a baboon or something.

    Obviously this idea is still somewhat embryonic but I think it would be a pretty good branding once its polished a bit. I mean eXpresso is good and all but it stays too close to the Cafe theme. As there are a number of functions planned to be added I Cafe MOD needs to move away from it's Cafe Heritage and maybe something thst has more emphasis on the whole linking between portableapps and pc aka the missing link aka a chimp or somthing.

    Hope this isn't as hard to understand as it now seems to me re-reading it Smiling Advocate

    I think that this is a dead project.

    I'm not sure if BrianAll is still planning on updating this app or not.

    Release Team Member

    NO!!!!!!!!!! : (::::::::

    I hope not and if so I hope someone else takes it up. This app has huge potential for portableapps IMO. I mean when one can temporarliy associate docs with OO Writer, Jpegs with Cornice or XnView and have the alternative association for the filetype as Gimp it's so great Smiling

    I means its so rgeat when you can just double click on a ZIP and have 7-Zip open it rather than use antiquated 90's version of winzip or have to open 7Zip and navigate to the ZIP. Also would stop alot of preople making the associations on their pc that breaks some spps.

    Associating MP3's and playlists to CoolPlayer++ and videos to VLC.

    I really think this has huge so can someone please revive this.

    Many thanks... Horusofoz Smiling Advocate

    I wouldnt mind helping

    I wouldnt mind helping develop this app but idk about taking it over. I mean I think I could help fix some bugs and maybe help add in new features but BrianAll would have to let me know what he plans on doing with this and then I could slowly help develop this app. Since summer is just around the corner im sure by then a lot of my apps I have right now in development will be near completed so ill probably be able to work on this. I really do find this useful in a lot of ways. Smiling

    An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.
    Mahatma Gandhi,
    Indian political and spiritual leader (1869 - 1948)

    Offer Noted

    Thanks, that would be awesome. I'll post later (read: I should be studying Eye-wink with more info regarding what can be/has been done.
    Sorry to everyone who has been eagerly awaiting updates - I never intended to leave this so long, but my academics and work has been demanding lately, and I have no spare time.

    Another idea

    I think would be for John to also work on this as part of PAP 2.0 like the updater. Once polished and bugless this app... Well I've already praised it to smithereens so basically this app can make PAP better than it already is. Advocate


    It'll need to be redone in Delphi to become part of the Platform. Maybe someone could try investigating that?

    I am a Christian and a developer and moderator here.

    “A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.” – Proverbs 15:1

    Is there anyone other than

    Is there anyone other than John here who is well acquainted with Delphi or Lazarus. (I still think it would be mad if we could convert the PAP to Lazarus =] ) Advocate

    Not gonna happen

    It's not gonna happen for at the very least years: there's just too much in it which won't work with FreePASCAL (which is what Lazarus uses).

    In theory at least there are now about four other developers on the Platform. I'm not sure that this actually happened though.

    I am a Christian and a developer and moderator here.

    “A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.” – Proverbs 15:1

    Win 98SE

    The only problem was that even after setting an association it still did nothing.

    John Z. Doe

    Win 98 and earlier not completely supported by all apps

    See the "System Requirements" near the bottom of this post.

    The real question is, when will this be released? This post was started a year ago with the parenthetical comment (to be renamed eXpresso) - so when we we see it release as eXpresso?

    I made this half-pony, half-monkey monster to please you.

    is this the most recent one?

    is this the most recent one?

    "It's just an online installer. It's not going to mug you.", JTH
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    Just so it's in the right

    Just so it's in the right place, send me the source when you've finished your edits, and I'll try to integrate my AHK mouse hook. Maybe it can iron out some dbl click problems some people are having.

    will do. Can you send me a

    will do. Can you send me a email to mr.soup12 )at( g o o g l e )dit( c o m
    I wonder if putting the spaces in there helps at all?

    Too many lonely hearts in the real world
    Too many bridges you can burn
    Too many tables you can't turn
    Don't wanna live my life in the real world

    At google or gmail?

    At google or gmail?

    The latter

    I am a Christian and a developer and moderator here.

    “A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.” – Proverbs 15:1

    I'm a dufas, gmail.

    I'm a dufas, gmail.

    Too many lonely hearts in the real world
    Too many bridges you can burn
    Too many tables you can't turn
    Don't wanna live my life in the real world