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Komodo Edit 5.1

obsidian - May 31, 2008 - 9:06pm
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Application: Komodo Edit
Category: Development
Description: Komodo Edit is a free, open source editor from dynamic language experts.
* All the languages: Dynamic language expertise for Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, and Tcl, plus JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and XML, and template languages like RHTML, Template-Toolkit, HTML-Smarty and Django.
* Award-wining tools: Everything you'd expect from an editor based on the award-winning Komodo IDE, like autocomplete and calltips, multi-language file support, syntax coloring and syntax checking, Vi emulation, Emacs key bindings, and more.
* Firefox-style extensibility: Go ahead, hack away! Or download some of the cool extensions from member of the Komodo community.

Download Komodo Edit Portable 5.1 Development Test 7
Version 5.1 [24.3 MB download / 148MB installed] (MD5: 44910b1a6be82ea0f6d4322342971a20)

Note the program when it is first launched creates a preferences folder which uses approximately 100MB of space so you will need a driver of at least 512MB to use this.

Release Notes:

Development Test 7 14th June 2009

  • Added profile corruption checking to 5.1.3

Development Test 6 7th May 2009

  • Updated to version 5.1.3

Development Test 5 24th November 2008

  • Added version 5.0 concurrently with version 4.4
  • Disabled auto update for both versions since it won't work on a portable device

Development Test 4 25th June 2008

  • Updated to version 4.4.1

Development Test 3 25th June 2008

  • Updated to version 4.4
    Note on upgrading from version 4.3 to 4.4 you must rename the data/4.3 folder to data/4.4
  • Used UPX to compress all .dll, .exe files etc.

Development Test 2 5th June 2008

  • Added default data directory, this should help the first time launch it will still take a while the very first time
  • Added detection to see if the application is already running
  • Added help files
  • Fixed issues with file naming conventions
  • Added a warning on first startup advising it will take a while

Development Test 1 1st June 2008: Initial release

If anyone encounters any bugs especially with the startup for the first time can you say how long you waited and what the type and free space on your portable device is

To Do List

  • Decrease size
  • Fix auto-updater


  • Only the latest version is supported, previous versions may still be downloaded but will not be updated.
  • Launcher renames the host directory in the data\{VERSION} directory to host-{hostname}
  • Launcher stays open until application is closed then it renames the directory back to host
  • Launcher alters data\prefs.xml by changing the drive letter from ::PORTAPP:: to the current drive letter than back again
  • When launching for the first time give it around 10 minutes to create the preferences, future launches will be much faster.
  • Launcher checks to see if the data\{VERSION}\host folder exists if not then profile corruption occurs, the user is notified and instructed on how to fix it.

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Needs work

OK, here we go...(I'm doing this on limited time, so it may sound more "harsh" than intended)

App won't launch on my box, Windows XP - SP2. It launches and is stuck on some box that says "Code Intelligence" but the app never unfreezes.

The portable launcher needs to have the word "Portable" in it.

The format for the launcher's name is all wrong...needs more words and version # etc, etc..see other launchers

splash screen still ha PuTTYPortable on it

ALL help files completely missing...see other apps for a framework

Version= is wrong...should be portable apps launcher version, not the version of your app
PackageVersion and DisplayVersion are both wrong. 4 digits (x.x.x.x) for PackageVersion and DisplayVersion should be

InstalledSize missing

PORTABLEAPPNAME shouldn't have a version # in it (see above) or SPACES in the name. It breaks code in the launcher.

NAME needs to have "Portable" in it and no version #

Drop "ActiveState" everywhere or use it consistent.

Add your copyright info under John's on line 2

Wherever you have "komodo.exe" in your code below the declarations at the top, replace it with $DEFAULTEXE that way you only need to change one thing in the future if the exe name changes or you reuse this launcher for the basis of another one.

Line need a space or the app won't launch (Exec "$ExecStringkomodo.exe")

You need the word "portable" in many places and then sync them all up like the launcher name, the info in the code, etc

Mozilla license missing


No underscores or spaces in FILENAME (see above)

Rename splash and...I just noticed you have TWO splash screens. Get rid of one and fix the name of the one left behind.

That's all I have time for. Patrick will get even more anal if he sees this. PP: Tag, you're "it". Eye-wink

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Same here

Can't get it to start.

self.path = path if self.path == None else self.path

Worked For Me

It worked for me, though it took like at least 20 seconds running off a local drive. To the author, I'm checking for changes, I'll get back to you soon hopefully.


Didn't read the "ten minutes" part. I like it, thanks and please continue development.

I couldn't edit my original post

self.path = path if self.path == None else self.path


I installed this app on my portable drive.

On first run, it froze after the splash screen(waited 3-4 minutes), I went to talk manager, killed process, and run again.

Window opened for program and said installing something for fater performance later on (something about intelligence) After 5 minutes on this screen it opened well.

going to test it out as this is something I could really use.

Thanks, hope not to many bugs in it.

Development Test 2

OK Thanks for the feedback everyone

I've fixed all the issues BuddhaChu mentioned (I think if I missed any just yell).

The original programs source code hasn't been touched so bug wise the only ones that might occur are where it has trouble finding something.

I use it to develop php pages every day and have xampp installed as well to test scripts and use the php install for the syntax checker.

If anyone has any ideas on how to make the initial start up faster please post, the default data dir is 108MB which is what causes the long startup time there maybe a few things I can chop out I will have to see if komodo tries to recreate the files after they're deleted.

The one thing that isn't tested is the auto updater (since there haven't been any updates since I created the portable version) although version 4.4 should be on it's way soon I'll test it when it comes out and report if the program can auto update itself.

Can you explain why the

Can you explain why the editor is so big, and why a preferences folder needs 100+MB?

Two Words.

WinDirStat Portable.

Insert original signature here with Greasemonkey Script.


I'm with LOGAN on this one. This is just entirely too large for what it sounds like.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!


Remove "2004-" in your copyright. You code was added this year, not in 2004.

The file downloaded is still named/numbered wrong. As mentioned ealier by me, see other apps for the correct naming conventions and CamelCase to use.

In the next version, clean up your launcher code and add comments.

Good work cleaning up all that other stuff I posted. Eye-wink

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Help control the rugrat population -- have yourself spayed or neutered!


well i think the app is a little large too, but just to let you know we upx everything that can be upx'd on this site. The easiest way to do it is download App Compactor, navigate it to KomodoEditPortable\App then run the default settings, you may want to back up the files first in case any of them have trouble with upx. That still only saves about 19MB though.

UPX & Size

I've not upx'd since I seem to remember reading somewhere thats against the Mozilla license (of course I could just be going mad so if I'm wrong someone please correct me).

As for why the preferences are so big well this is because the developers who made the original app made it create the preferences and since this is only development test 2 I've not had a chance to check what all the preferences do and if they can be removed.

It does chew a nice chunk out of my 2GB sd card so I will be rummaging around trying to make it smaller for Development Test 3.

If someone could either confirm or correct me on the upx bit I'd be grateful.

If I understood correctly,

If I understood correctly, UPXing the app isn't against the MPL (Mozilla Public License), but it was against the agreement has with Mozilla to be able to use the trademarked names and logos.

The developer formerly known as ZGitRDun8705

Since it's only under the MPL

Since it's only under the MPL and not made by mozilla sounds like I can upx the next release.

Actually running Perl, Python, etc.?

When I go to the ActiveState site, they say that Komodo Edit doesn't have the interactive shell that the full Komodo IDE has. I am primarily interested in Portable Perl, with Python and Ruby "nice to haves". Does this this Komodo edit include any of Perl, Python, or Ruby runtimes? (BTW, I found
, for Perl, Python, and Ruby respectively, but I wanted to see about Komodo Edit before I tried those out.)

Komodo edit doesn't contain

Komodo edit doesn't contain any binaries for perl ruby etc but you can integrate them by going to Edit > preferences > languages it has the option to add locations of interpreters for php, perl, python, and ruby, I have xampp installed (see which has an addon for perl, I've tested it with perl and php and it works fine (not tried it with the other languages but I imagine there are no issues.

It can do syntax checking but it doesn't have the ability to run the file from the program if you're writing for the web you can test via xampp which has apache installed (that's what I use to test php scripts).

If you want an editor that can syntax check and edit all the files this should do you.

Hopefully this answers your question.

Thank you

That does answer my question. I'm going to have to weigh the size of Komodo+perl (+ maybe python and/or ruby) versus the size of other programs.

I don't know what size device

I don't know what size device you have but I have komodo, xampp, gnu cash, firefox portable, sunbird portable, all my docs and various other things on a 2GB sd card, just so you have an indication of what you can fit on there. I have tested it on a 1GB usb stick there's still room to spare on there as well.

I will try and make komodo smaller in the next release.

Installed and tried

First of all, I really appreciate your effort to try to make Komodo Edit Portable. I use it on my personal laptop for my perl development experiments, and having the chance to use it everywhere I go is a big plus... especially now that the development of a Portable Perl seems a concrete possibility.

For me installation tooks a very long time (one hour and half), but I suppose it's due to my flash drive performance. When setup completed, I launched the app and I experienced the long startup time you mentioned. After the first run Komodo doesn't show up, I have to kill the process from task manager and relaunch the app to get the user interface (someone already mentioned this behaviour).
Now Komodo runs apparently without a problem, with a more than reasonable speed... I'll continue my testing.

For those wondering why the app takes so much space for the user preferences, I suppose it's due to its "code intelligence" feature. Komodo builds some sort of cache that allows it to produce advanced auto-complete feature like showing function signatures in tooltips while typing or showing methods available from a particular object reference. Probably storing this data for all supported languages takes up much space. Maybe dropping some language support allows to save space.

Don't allow the auto update

Don't allow the auto update feature to run, I tried it and it doesn't work I will release a 4.4 version here soon once I've tested it.


I experienced a strange beahviour, but with 4.3 version:

I launched komodo from the portable apps menu but I have to do it twice before the program actually shows up. Komodo process however, was visible in the task manager.

When the program GUI finally shows up, it tolds me that it has to rebuild code intelligence database and tooks up another 100MB of my flashdrive.

Now I have deleted Komodo Portable from the drive, because there was just 20MB free.

Anyone run in similar problem?

Nice Work...

Keep up the good work buddy. I've been using Komodo v5 portable for a couple of days now and I'm loving it.

It's by far the best PHP editor out there (to moi), and it just gives you that feeling of not being bloated with stuff (unlike Eclipse IMHO).

How much longer in beta?

I'm enjoying this program a lot... having the same basic editor/IDE from my Macbook running OS X 10.6.3 Snow Leopard to my home desktop PC to my usb drive that I can plug in anywhere is very nice.

Still getting the occasional errors that it didn't shut down correctly and boogered the host-(computer name) directory, but other than that it seems pretty solid.

Any projection on updating to a newer release (5.2.4 is out now, vs. the 5.1.3 on and/or coming out of beta?



Dead in the water?!?

Looking back at the comments... basically nothing since 2008 until my previous post and one in 2009. Doesn't seem to be much activity on the package maintainer's site either. Anybody feel like taking up the torch?!?

seems he gave up on getting

seems he gave up on getting it released here, check this link out:

I guess he gave up or moved on

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Looks like he pretty much

Looks like he pretty much just gave up - the version there is about the same point release as the one here. Not being a developer myself, I can only imagine how much of a PITA a project like this must be at times. Too bad, as I said I like Komodo Edit because its cross-platform (Notepad++ isn't).

Yeah, this was pretty big. I

Yeah, this was pretty big. I looked at it but I wasn't good enough then, I don't have time now.

For cross platform, you can try Geany Portable. I know I'm a point behind in the releases, but I'm going to fix it soon, I hope.

Too many lonely hearts in the real world
Too many bridges you can burn
Too many tables you can't turn
Don't wanna live my life in the real world

I'll have to take a look at

I'll have to take a look at it again... I had downloaded and installed it on my thumbdrive some time in the past. Something, I don't remember what, didn't quite sit right with me about it. Nothing huge, just something about how it (Geany) implemented a feature vs. how someother editor did that bothered me. Can't even remember what it was now, so it couldn't be that big of a deal Eye-wink

If there's a problem with the

If there's a problem with the portable version, POST! If its with Geany core, talk to the Geany Developers

They are quite amiable.

Too many lonely hearts in the real world
Too many bridges you can burn
Too many tables you can't turn
Don't wanna live my life in the real world

Getting Komodo from ActiveState (and making it portable)

For those of you looking to use a current version of Komodo Edit (or Komodo IDE), it's fairly straightforward to install it in a portable way. I've posted the details here:

You can download the latest version(s) of Komodo here:

We're happy to see so much interest in Komodo Edit here, but there are a couple of issues with the version linked above:

1) It's out of date. We're currently working on Komodo 6, and the latest stable release is 5.2.4.

2) Komodo is a registered trademark of of ActiveState Software Inc. Komodo Edit (or more accurately the Open Komodo source code) is indeed covered by the Mozilla Public License, but you can't use the name "Komodo" for distributing your own version of it unless you have permission from ActiveState.

Signature automatically removed for containing links

Next Steps

Hi Troy. Thanks for dropping in our forums. This version is packaged by an independent developer who last updated this about a year ago. I'm happy to remove the link and pass along the notification to remove the app or alter the name to the individual who posted this as well. We don't package freeware or trademarked open source software without explicit permission, which is why you won't find this in our app directory or promoted to our wider userbase. This is an independent development test posted to our forum and hosted in an independent SourceForge project.

We only link to and promote apps in Format, a standardized open format that works automatically with the PA.c Platform and Updater or can be used on its own or with any other portable menu system. The benefits of PA.c Format include: smaller downloads, simple in-place upgrades that automatically handle removing old versions, no admin requirements to install, automatic detection and installation to a device with the PA.c Platform, 70 language installer that requires no code to use, consistent location for applications and data (for easy backup) and lots more.

As for a portable version, we're happy to work with ActiveState to either package and distribute a portable version ourselves (as we have obtained a license from Mozilla,, Foxit and others) or provide you with all the code and have you distribute it and we'll just link back to you (as we do with several other projects both open source and freeware). You can even utilize our PA.c Launcher which provides a no-code way to portablize most software. As always, all our tools are open source and free for open source and freeware publishers.

Additionally, we can work with you to portablize Komodo IDE if you'd like. We're debuting the ability for commercial software to utilize our format and tools as well and be able to be a part of the, the world's largest portable software site and most widely-used portable platform. You can reply here or drop me a note directly at the business development email address on our contact page. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!