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Portable ISO or bin reader

Erasmusinwv - July 19, 2008 - 2:58pm
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How about an app that lets you make/read .iso, .bin, .mds files like Alcohol 120%?

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it's called

it's called InfrarecorderPortable Smiling

your friendly neighbourhood moderator Zach Thibeau


... or cdrtfe Portable (still in beta test).


Welcome to Smiling

InfraRecorder Portable can be found here:


Things have got to get better, they can't get worse, or can they?

or if you just want to read

or if you just want to read or extract the iso files, you can use 7-zip or peazip


You can do that? Awesome!


Yeah - I'd like to second that.

7-zip Portable is available here
PeaZip Portable is available here (a non .paf format is also available on their homepage)