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Japanese Word Processor AND Japanese FlashCard Program

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Oni-Neoxes (Homepage) - August 2, 2008 - 11:20am
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Hello. I'm new to posting on the forums but I been around looking for apps alot on the forums. I hope I can find some programs that can be made into PortableApps.
These two programs I use a lot since I'm a Japanese student in-learning

Program: Japanese word Processor or JWPce
Version: 1.32 or 1.50

Description: This Program can have you type Hiragana, Katakana, Romanji, and even Kanji. JWPce has a built in dictionary and you can even download more dictionary from their site. Great program if Your intrested into learning Japanese.


Program: Japanese flashCard Program or JFC
Version: 1.32

Description: This program can help you learn Japanese easily By giving you flashcards. English -> Japanese and Japanese -> English. you can even make your own flashcards or download them online.


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The JWP word processor keeps

The JWP word processor keeps its options in HKCU\Software\JWP, but it doesn't need the 2 dll's to be in WINDOWS\system, they can just stay in the folder with the exe.

So It can be portable with

So It can be portable with just copy and paste and be able to work on the menu?

No because it uses the

No because it uses the registry, but if you use this you should be able to make it portable.
[EDIT] The menu shows any .exe files not called uninstall.exe (correct me if I'm wrong) which are in a subfolder of PortableApps

Thank you. I'll do it

Thank you. I'll do it


Have you got it to work portably?

Nope. I Don't get most of the

I Don't get most of the stuff.