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Cannot write to PortableAppsMenu.ini - RO USB

rebowes - September 4, 2008 - 1:26pm

I keep getting errors when I exit the portable apps menu when I mount my USB drive as read-only. My work PC is running PGP desktop and is configured to encrypt any USB drive, or mount it read-only. Since I would like to use the USB drive on other computers, I mount it RO. The applications work fine - Firefox recognizes that it's running from a RO media and offers to copy itself to a temporary location on the hard drive.

I've found several discussion topics on getting this error message in Vista or when running from CD-ROM, but there doesn't seem to be any resolution. I'm running version 1.1 of the PortableAppsMenu. Any suggestions?

Me too

Yes, I think this is related to the same problem I'm having when I try to run Filezilla Portable on a Live CD (see http://portableapps.com/node/15549). I would be most interested in finding a way to tell the applications to simply not bother trying to write any information to file.... As in "Don't save changes."

I also get error messages at start-up. The app itself runs fine, however, in a read-only environment.