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internet explorer 7

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internet explorer 7

forget it then

Zach Thibeau
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unfortunately due to the

unfortunately due to the licensing terms of Microsoft I recommend against this strongly as it would be illegal and in violations of Microsoft's terms and agreement.

Sorry mate in short it's not a good idea

your friendly neighbourhood moderator Zach Thibeau

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well considering

well considering i found it on there site and they told me what to do i dont see what the prob is

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Well if they told you what to do (to make it portable)

then I doubt that its in PA format and thus I don't think it will be destributed on PA even if its legal.

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Who would even want it?
I go out of my way to AVOID Internet Explorer.
Also, it's already on every Windows system.

You might as well ask for Portable Windows for Windows!

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lol.... they have portable

lol.... they have portable windows for windows


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Maybe a portable version of IE could be legal...

The launcher would search for iexplore.exe on the host system, backup the locally-installed profile, and then inject the one in the data folder, and launch it. Upon exit, it would sync the profile back to the data folder and restore the original. Like Firefox users, IE users should see the value in packing their settings, bookmarks, and cookies with them everywhere they go. And since IE is on just about every Windows computer, there's no need to include the closed-source commercial software.

Nevermind that none of us want to use IE. I'm just saying.

And the same thing for Windows would be a lot more involved, but possibly could be done the same way.

Both would likely require admin access and both would likely step on the toes of any malware protection protecting various system settings and thus would not be wise at work or school.

On the other hand, if there were an open-source browser which used the same rendering engine as IE and was made to look like it, maybe it already exists, maybe someone makes it and calls it, I don't know, "Open Explorer", it could be cool. Well, for those who prefer IE. Again, just saying.

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Let it go man!

Before you get banned by the mods / admins here... I highly suggest that you drop it.

If it's NOT OPEN SOURCE (Firefox is, IE is not open source), you won't be able to distribute here... 'nuff said.

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MultipleIEs and Internet

MultipleIEs and Internet Explorer Collection are both good portable IEs.

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hey guys internet explorer

hey guys internet explorer sucks.


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firefox or chrome? besides,

firefox or chrome?
besides, every windows compter has IE

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maybe someone needs portable ie

maybe someone likes ie and wants to use it on another computer without leaving traces in that computer's records?

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At which point what does

At which point what does Internet Explorer achieve for that stated purpose that another cannot ?
The answer is nothing.

For leaving nothing behind then any of the existing browswers in the platform will do that perfectly well.

Is there a specific reason why it MUST be Internet Explorer, or simply a stubborn refusal to use anything else ?

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If you need a browser which

If you need a browser which will render a page like internet explorer, then you might want to consider Maxthon which is already an official release on the platform.
That can utilise either the Webkit, or Trident (IE) rendering engines.

There is also a plugin for Firefox, and I would assume possibly for Chrome that can optionally open a tab in the IE rendering engine, IETab.

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Why would you even want this? I looked here for PortableApps to ESCAPE IE!

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