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[Obsolete] Minecraft Portable

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(Homepage) - October 10, 2010 - 5:26pm
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Newer version here.


Application: Minecraft
Category: Games
Description: "Minecraft is a game about placing blocks while running from skeletons. Or something like that.."

Minecraft is the hit indie game by Notch that is still in alpha but is already making waves, thanks to a free-to-play older version that runs in your browser. It's a sandbox game that puts you in a world of oversized voxels and challenges you to mine for resources, craft those resources together into tools and supplies, build structures above and underground, and make Minecraft's world yours. Oh, and watch out* for creepers.

* - Mildly NSFW, language at the end

Download Minecraft Portable 1.1.2_01 Development Test 2 [0.4MB download / 4.5MB installed]
(MD5: 2b6a07066a14ba672a1a7a91c8c99bba)

Release Notes: (2010-10-14): Fixed a bug where it wouldn't work at all. HURR. Sad (2010-10-10): Initial release

This release includes launchers for both client and server. The server can be run by anyone, but the client requires purchase of Minecraft from for 9.95 EUR (~US$13).

The installer itself will not install Minecraft or the server; the launcher will download whichever one you're trying to run from the first time you run it and log in, so be sure to run both launchers (if you want to use both; otherwise just whichever one you want) first on a computer with an internet connection. This is done in order to attempt to comply with the Minecraft EULA as well as give Notch his requested control over content distribution.

Install size increases with extra resources; painterly pack, saved worlds, etc. Worlds are usually not too big but be careful since they have tons of small files; the size reported by Minecraft will not be accurate due to the way filesystems work. You can use the "Size on disk" field in the Properties dialog of a folder to see the real space consumed, but be aware this will be different for different disks (and may be a lot higher for FAT32 thumb drives than fixed NTFS drives depending on what we nerds call "cluster size").

Client Minecraft engine and resources, and saved worlds for clients and servers are stored in Data. The client launcher, and the server engine and resources are in App (this is due to differences in how Notch packages the client and server; client engine and resources have to go together with the saved worlds).

If you receive a launcher out of date message from Minecraft when trying to launch it, remove App\Minecraft\Minecraft.jar to force Minecraft Portable to download the most recent version the next time you run it (or just reinstall Minecraft Portable which will delete it for you). I don't believe the server will report it is out of date but the same applies there too with MinecraftServer.jar.

The codebase for this is based off of a stripped Google Chrome Portable launcher, plus the core of the Java Launcher. Really, the Java Launcher in itself may be enough to run Minecraft portably, but I think my solution is a bit nicer.

I'm sure others have probably already posted Minecraft launchers here, this is just my take.

Oooh I just had a great idea, a DefaultData with a PORTABLEAPPS.COM logo made in Minecraft! BRB...

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Awesome as! I've been hanging out for this one ever since I saw the post in the Request forum.
Tested out for a bit, all works as expected. Created some worlds and deleted a couple too, didn't interfere with the local installation.
Also, I think I win Laughing out loud

But there’s no sense crying over every mistake,
You just keep on trying till you run out of cake.

Hmm Minecraft Classic doesn't

Hmm Minecraft Classic doesn't work for Alpha, but yes that is win. Smiling

I was joking about it though, I don't want to provide a pre-rendered world... that kinda defeats the purpose of Minecraft (which is a new world every time you play). I'd have to get into the nitty gritty of the save format to create a logo in the sky or something while still letting the game randomly generate the rest of the world...

As a side note, I originally was going to post Minecraft Portable on Saturday but I was distracted by... yes, playing Minecraft. Tried to post again Sunday afternoon with the same result. Smiling

[Edit: I have nothing to do with any requests in the request forum, I'll go check that out now. :)]

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Minecraft Classic will work

If you download WorldofMinecraft (WoM for short) you can get a stand-alone Minecraft classic client. All you have to do is sign up on their website and download the .zip file. I extracted it to my USB and it works great. It offers a full realtime server list. It also includes a couple of hacks like no-clip, fly, and speed.



splash screen

i vote in favor of a minecraft-style splashscreen, much like that picture taffin posted Smiling

I can't do art, so donations

I can't do art, so donations [of art] will be accepted and properly credited. Smiling Should be in the style of other splashes, of course.

However I would expect the splash would only really be visible during first launch when it is downloading the minecraft launcher from Otherwise I find the portable launcher doesn't run long enough to show it.

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Could you add a 1sec wait for

Could you add a 1sec wait for the plash screen, then it launches Minecraft?

"It's just an online installer. It's not going to mug you.", JTH
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But then it takes longer to

But then it takes longer to get into Minecraft! Sad

Splash screens are to hide long loading times. Doing it the other way seems counter productive.

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[Link removed; splash screens get produced properly when an app is being released, not before - mod Chris]

I agree sar3th

I would love a splash screen in the minecraft styling. +1 for me!

Na na na, come on!

can you make the new launcher

can you make the new launcher portable please ?
cant use the old portable one anymore


"OMG MAZZ, it's completely broken!!!11one"

OMG thanks for telling me so quickly, glad to see someone actually tried it out!!!111one



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Everything seams to work

Everything seams to work fine. All the settings are getting saved, i caint really see if files are being left behind (i don't have a clean computer to run it on and do a regshot) The first thing I will run when the new update is released will be this to make sure the update goes ok.

"It's just an online installer. It's not going to mug you.", JTH
"The shell is the key to unlock Linux's greatest advantages."

Doesn't work anymore

Hi mateys,
I get the following message, everytime I try it.
"Failed to Login"
[Play Offline] [Try Again]

I can still use Play Offline, but this way, I can't play the latest Version.

Thanks and Greetz

Does this problem occur with

Does this problem occur with a locally installed Minecraft?

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hs_err_pid### is placed where the portable launcher is. And shouldn't Data\.minecraft be Data\minecraft?

Na na na, come on!

it could be the fault of

it could be the fault of minecraft itself, better to keep it this way so that portability isn't broken.

your friendly neighbourhood moderator Zach Thibeau

Minecraft creates the

Minecraft creates the .minecraft folder so I can't rename it. Smiling

hs_err_pid### sounds like Java dumping files in the current directory, I'll fix it by changing the current directory to %TEMP% (but I can't do this with the server because the server actually uses the current directory to store real files... whee...).

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I don't see why not.

I'm pretty sure you can rename it. I've done it before.

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The reason why not is that

The reason why not is that the name ".minecraft" is hard coded into Minecraft. So the folder name must be ".minecraft" when it is run.

Now I COULD choose to rename the folder before and after Minecraft is run, but that's an awful lot of trouble to go through for just a dot, and if the launcher crashes it never gets renamed back, which could cause problems depending on how I implement the renaming,

tl;dr too much trouble not enough payout

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Not really necessary

Why bother renaming it? Pidgin's data is stored in "/Data/settings/.purple".


What Darkbee said. Having it as .minecraft anywhere under the Data directory is just fine.

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I must not have noticed. I haven't used Pidgin Portable in a while so I didn't know. Okie dokie.

Na na na, come on!

Thanks for answering

I don't know,... I don't want to install the client, but in my Browser (FF of course) it works great....

Thanks and Greetz Matey


Hi, it was my mistake, I forgot that I've changed my password...

Greetz and Thanks Mateys!

Love it, but 2 questions...

I love having Minecraft in a portable format (as it sealed the deal for my purchase... as well as the alpha price expiring), but I have 2 questions...

1) Will there be an update made to reflect the new launcher, when it becomes available (in respect to the Beta version)?

2) Will the portable devs get the authorization from Notch (& the Minecraft staff) to officially the portable apps version? -- Assuming the purchase restriction for the game remains.

Just some wishful thinking here!

Game Monkey Likes You!

RE: two questions

1. I'm sure he'll update the launcher for the new version.
2. PA.c tries to be as legal as possible, so if they ask Notch and he says they can't do it, then I guess they will discontinue development and remove the launcher, if he wishes.

Also, MAZZ, you should make the installer a web installer (if it isn't already).

Freedom to software!!
Peter Jasz.

Two Questions

The description at the top of the page clearly describes this development project is an online installer so, as I understand, permission is not technically required.

Update Delayed until Feb. 10th

I've just checked Notch's blog... he's out on vacation for 2 weeks, so the new launcher won't get released until at least Feb. 10th.

The current one is still working just fine.

Game Monkey Likes You!

Q re: Associated MineCraft programs

I'm installing now and will try it out soon.
I'd like to also make-portable other software I often use with MineCraft and would like your advice, guidance, or better yet, a step-by-step walk through on how.

The software are:

1) The server manager GUI named VisualAdmin, by "DeathCradle", available from As a feature or PA issue for this software, it will download updates to itself, making it available for install. Portabilizing this would have to manage that as well.

2) MCEdit downloadable from This software creates a MCEdit directory within /My Documents. So, that also would need to be accounted for when Portabilizing.

Thanks for a great PA for this terribly addictive game,

Why do you need the server to

Why do you need the server to be portablized?

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re: Why server portabilized

Not the MC server, the MCserver Graphical User Interface (GUI) that I use to manage the already portabilized MCserver.

This is because I manage my MCserver capabilities and Bukkit plugins using the MCserver GUI VirtualAdmin.

I could probably get away without the GUI, but I find it useful for monitoring how the MCserver is performing.

MC version 1.3

The client seems to update to version 1.3 okay, though I do not know where the updated client is located, hopefully in the USB rather than HDD.

The portable server doesn't update to version 1.3, perhaps this portable app could be updated (or instructions given) to the latest client and server.


Help with single player

Hi I just downloaded the App however when i go to the login screen it wont let me go to single player and says "Not downloaded". How can I fix this if i can?


You have to have to have played online at least once to be able to play offline, and you have to have bought MineCraft to be able to play online.

Sorry, but the only ways to get around this are to do illegal things, or to have downloaded MineCraft before it started costing money, in which case you could put the old Minecraft.jar in MinecraftPortable\App\Minecraft, and it wouldn't ask for a password, but you still wouldn't be able to play online.

I've been busy IRL for the past month or two, but I'm back.

Wont connect?

Im getting an error of when I run it, it says it can't connect to

any suggestions?

it's minecraft's end not us,

it's minecraft's end not us, lately has been down and the devs there are working to get it working properly, just keep trying.

your friendly neighbourhood moderator Zach Thibeau

Addiction.... oh no

I'd test this app, but I just managed to get off my Minecraft addiction. If I download this I will NEVER stop. EVER.

The guy who acts like he knows what he's talking about.

how can i revert to the old

how can i revert to the old minecraft launcher?

you have to have a copy of

you have to have a copy of the old minecraft launcher

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Too many tables you can't turn
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New Launcher Available for Portablization

It's been a few days since the new launcher has been released & I was wondering how long it would take for an update for this will be released...

Just curious!

Game Monkey Likes You!

still works, I presume. Its

still works, I presume. Its still going into appdata and the launcher will handle it still.

Tried it last night and it seems to still work.

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Too many bridges you can burn
Too many tables you can't turn
Don't wanna live my life in the real world


The Minecraft.jar "Minecraft Launcher" is the only thing that doesn't get updated automatically with any new MineCraft releases, and the launcher downloads this automatically on first launch, so removing it (from the App\Minecraft directory) should get the new version for you, and shouldn't introduce any new portability issues as this MineCraft Portable launcher sets the APPDATA environment variable to the Data directory, and MineCraft saves pretty much everything to %APPDATA%\.minecraft, however since I haven't tried doing that, I'd recommend you rename it, or move it, and see if it works, then you can put it back if it doesn't and delete it if it does.

I've been busy IRL for the past month or two, but I'm back.

This is wonderful.

I use portable apps almost exclusively wherever I go, and a portable Minecraft is just epic!

Thanks for making this available, and for keeping it updated.


Works with Latest

Still works with the latest release (1.6.6) but Minecraft now looks for something and complains (on screen) that you're using a bogart copy).


Why does this create a Dropbox folder which when deleted is restored on next run?

I was wondering if there's a

I was wondering if there's a way to launch this portable version with a few custom JVM commands, like increasing the memory via the "-Xmx2048M" command, or changing the garbage collection method via the "-Xincgc" command...

Since you guys redirect the launcher to use a custom directory, I wouldn't even know how to begin writing a custom bat file that I can use to enter my own custom tweaks. Or can options like these be placed in one of the .ini files? Normally, custom JVM switches like these would just be added via command line, or compiled into a bat file, but in this scenario I wouldn't even know where to begin trying to write a custom command line...

Anyway, thanks for the work you guys have put into this so far. Cheers!

you can edit the source bud

you can edit the source bud idk if that file is used by the launcher.
im working with an friend on seeing if it can be edited and compiled into a new .exe


Hi i think this application is great i have been looking for somthing like this for ages but it has a realy annoying glitch every half hour of gameplay it freezes and it wont close so i have to end process i was wondering if you could fix this bug


Texturepack idea

We should all work together and develop a Texturepack! Portableapps splashes, the logo for enderpearls, etc.

Reply if you have interest