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How to get USB stick to autorun on Windows 7?

jeffg1 - October 3, 2011 - 6:46am

As a newcomer, I have just installed PortableApps to a USB flash drive together with some of my favourite apps.

When I plug in the drive, Windows 7 thinks it just contains pictures for some reason and only gives me two options: "Import Pictures and Videos" or "Open folder to view files". Is there anything I can change on the drive to force Windows to autorun the Start.exe program?

PS: I did a search on 'autorun' first (of course!), but didn't find anything relevant.

PPS: First heard of PortableApps a couple of days ago via piece on BBC Click (TV technology programme).

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ask MS

Microsoft disabled autorun function definitely on w7 and via updates also on their other operating systems.

This was very vise I think, as the usb devices became very big source of spreading malware and the start with one simple file did open door to any kind of misuse.

Otto Sykora
Basel, Switzerland

The autorun feature (or lack

The autorun feature (or lack of) has been discussed quite a lot here, but to sum up the bits important to you, Windows 7 cannot autorun programs from a USB drive, and unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to or on the drive to change that.

You could create a desktop shortcut (if it is your own computer) which will run Start.exe from the drive.

If it isn't your computer, there is nothing that can be done about it, sorry.

It's not a bug, its a feature.

Thanks for the explanations.

Thanks for the explanations.


You might want to check out USBDLM. One of the options you can configure is to auto-run your USB drives. You can also "secure" the auto-run function to specific drives that include an autorunkey=somethingorother in the autorun.ini file on the USB drive. It's not a perfect solution as someone with access to your USB drive or machine could figure out what to put on their USB drive to auto-run whatever they wanted.

I have USBDLM in use throughout the school district I work at as it also does drive letter management (this is actually the main point behind the development of USBDLM) so that Windows doesn't try using networked mapped drive letters for the USB drives. It automatically assigns a valid drive letter to whatever USB drive gets plugged in.

I also have it block U3 style partitions. Smiling


Thanks for the USBDLM tip. Looks like a neat app.

There was another app that someone developed and posted here, http://portableapps.com/node/29307, that provided autorun type functionality that you might be interested in also.

And being a user of some U3 devices I don't think you need to block the U3 CD partition. It's non-writable and provides security for the files on the writable partition. Which in my opinion is the major advantage of U3 devices.


Granted, I don't need to

Granted, I don't need to block U3. I just prefer to. Laughing out loud

Hope you're still around


I know you posted this about 2 years ago, but how exactly do you get USBLDM to work?

I downloaded the program, but all that happens is the help file opens when I run it.

I'm assuming I need to run it as a batch file or configure something?

If you could PM me(I don't know how to do that on this site ><) or reply here with the config you used I would be able to convert it to my needs.


PA.c autorun

This isn't general, but JTH made a system for PA.c platform - I use this on my home system to autostart my PA stick whenever I plug it in. http://portableapps.com/node/13770 (note: rename the exe in the drive root to StartPortableApps.exe to make it work - it has changed name in latest release)

Try this

a neat little free program that works from your usb drive to autorun portableapps.com.exe. Or any other files you choose.


oes thi swork for you still?

Since the program is 5 years old and Microsoft has disabled the autorun on insertion I was curious if this still works for you? PortableApps has its own autorun, Windows will not allow it.

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Enable autorun for USB drives on Windows 7

Enable autorun for USB drives on Windows 7, no changes are needed on the USB drive, works with the standard autorun.inf: