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CDBurnerXP just became portable compliant.

pixelstuff - September 30, 2007 - 3:45pm
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CDBurnerXP v4.0.015 just became portable compliant as long as .NET is installed on the host OS. It would be nice to see this one integrated to the launcher.

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.NET = not portable

just became portable compliant as long as .NET is installed on the host OS

Not enough computers have .NET installed. As far as our definitions are concerned, it would not be considered portable.

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See John's article on .NET Availability for Portable Apps.

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Odd conclusion

Well, that seems like an odd conclusion given that it shows 81% of the PC's have versions installed. I know the percentages are not broken down between .NET versions in the little chart there, but given the fact that .NET is installed with the Windows update it's likely that if the user was adept enough to get one installed they'll have the most current. It's not something I would classify as a relatively low chance of finding a compatible PC.

However, having said that. Perhaps the launcher could have a .NET section that, when opened, would automatically compare the versions on the machine with what's needed with the installed apps and notify the user of compatibility or even gray out the non compatible apps.

XP not .NET

81% have XP installed, and 81% are compatible with .NET 3.5. Look at the chart again. A lot of these portable apps are designed to make sure they are compatible with many, many pc's. Library, school and work PC's seem like they are some of the last PC's to get updated software or new PC's altogether. .NET is shipped on about 5% of PC's.

Life is about the journey not the destination!

The Kazoo Spartan

Inclusion vs Download

As wsm23 pointed out, you're mixing up the numbers. I actually just updated the numbers with the stats from September. As far as home users go, only Windows Vista includes a version of .NET pre-installed (version 3.0 which also runs 2.0 apps). So, only 7.3% of PCs online last month have .NET pre-installed. For all other PCs, it has to be manually installed by someone with administrative rights. Some corporate environments will pre-install it (since they often code using Microsoft tools). Few home users will since hardly any software requires .NET in the real world. I know I haven't encountered .NET installed on any library, net cafe, hotel business center, etc PCs. And I don't have it installed on my non-development PCs since I don't use any software that requires .NET (and I don't want to deal with the problematic .NET security updates).

The bottom line is that most PCs don't have .NET installed nor are they likely to in the near future. Your personal experience may be different. But we're dealing with millions of people with different experiences and different PCs... so .NET is completely out of the question with anything considered 'portable'. And there's no need to consider an app like CDBurnerXP when we already have burners like InfraRecorder and cdrtfe in testing which both can be made portable (no .NET in sight) and are open source (CDBurnerXP is not).

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I just found a portable .NET Framework! It's

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Wow! That's cool!

Wow! That's cool!

Unfortunately the latest version has a virus according to the forum.

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"latest version has a virus

"latest version has a virus according to the forum"

Which is why I'm careful about downloading software, even OSS, and even from sourceforge Sticking out tongue


Things have got to get better, they can't get worse, or can they?

To some of us .NET is portable

Some people work in an ecosystem where .NET is installed everywhere. We might be a niche market but we do exist and to us apps that require .NET can be portable.

.NET apps are not relevant to everyone, but to those of us that decide to download and use them it is. I believe that the best solution would be to make .NET apps available and make a note about .NET's requirement on the apps that need it installed. In bright red flashing fonts if you'd like.

After all, the first thing that I shoved into my thumb drive was the .NET runtime. It might even allow the mighty SharpDevelop and perhaps even to be made into portable apps. Smiling

And I believe that CDBurnerXP is good and valuable enough to be made portable regardless of the market penetration of the .NET framework. I also believe that good CD authoring software is missing from the PortableApps offering.

Of course, these are just my 2 cents, and I don't mean to know more about the PortableApps philosophy than the people who actually work in this wonderful project.

To the PA team I owe a great deal of gratitude Smiling

RE: "CDBurnerXP is good and valuable enough to be made portable"

@ adolfojp:

If this is truly what you beleive, then you had best get started on *making it* portable 'regardless of the market penetration of the .NET framework', by working on some way to get it usable portably for the vast majority of us who do not have - and will never have - .NET installed on our PCs. This is indeed the only way to make your belief into a reality, and to 'put your money where your mouth is' on this topic....

If you think that 'good CD authoring software' is missing from the PortableApps stable, then get to work, boy!!!...

We'll be waiting to hear back from you on this.

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Okay then...

I spoke too much, too soon. CDBurnerXP is not an open source, free, libre app. So that pretty much won't allow it to be a PortableApp.

However, it would be nice to know how to make an app portable.

Besides this link:

Are there any other guides or tutorials that teach the conventions required to make a portable app?


Not yet, but once we get the new menu out, I've got some extra documentation and example launchers to use.

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you aren't the only one with some extra documentation ready!

Could this be an alternative to CDBurnerXP ?

Have a look at for a portable CD/DVD burning application. Maybe this could be a solution.

Quote from their site:
DeepBurner Free Portable works straight from removable media, whether it's a USB flash drive, compact flash card, or even a good old floppy.

Simply plug in your flash drive and burn any disks, using DeepBurner Free Portable. That simple.

Not sure

I think it isn't OSS. But I'm not sure. So it can't be hosted on this site.

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Take a Look

Take a look around the beta testing forums. There's InfraRecorder Portable, and cdrtfe Portable, both great applications.