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Adobe Digital Editions

shipton - October 17, 2007 - 9:45pm
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"The eBook Blues" ...... Sad

I was wondering if this could be done. I have a ton of ebooks in Adobe's PDF format and as you would most likely have figured Adobe ebooks are encrypted so they may only be used with Adobe software (which used to be just the reader, but now Adobe forces you to use DE). It looks like Adobe DE is built with flash coding. Is it possible to make a portable version of this to put on your flash drive? It would be really nice to have an ebook reader used this way.

Anyways, just passing along the idea. There didn't seem to be too much talk on ebooks.

(-/0) shipton

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Adobe Products Can't

Sure, it could be done, but I don't think any one will as it will violate the license, and apparently they aren't that popular.

However, you sound like you searched and I think John mentioned something about a program to convert them out of that format. I think it was for ebooks, it had something with lin in the title I think.

Nvm, so I was wrong. It was this, for for the lit format.


I will take a look around for that mention. Yea, I forgot about the "license" part of that scenario. It sucks when companies force you to use their platform for media you own ya' know?

Thanks for the heads up man! Smiling

(-/0) shipton

No problem

Yea, that's what's great about open source, and especially open format Smiling

Found a Format

I found an open ebook format, it's the OEB format. There's a reader released under the GPL that I might be able to make portable for you if you're interested. I know all of your book are in a closed format, but maybe this is something to get into. Try it out, here's the Open Source Reader, OpenBerg. Oh, and Adobe Digitial Editions reads the OEB format too if you still wanted to use that locally.

Digital Editions

If my quick analysis is correct (and it was quick) it looks like DE runs via a web browser with Flash and Adobe Reader installed; that is, it doesn't do a traditional install as much as a quickie install, using components already installed by the Administrator. It doesn't run in the web browser, but you can start it from the web browser each time. You might be able to run it with fair reliability when on the road just by using a web browser and going to the DE site.

I guess a question is whether there is a way to have it install on your USB stick for "offline" use.


Not sure about the licensing situation in 2014

But you can find a Portable Adobe Digital Editions 3.0 in PortableApps PAF format [instructions removed by mod JTH]

This software is still my preferred method for my EPUB and PDF (only DRM free) reading needs on the desktop (horizontal page turns, friendly keyboard shortcuts, arrange to libraries), however feel free to recommend me a better one.

Always Illegal

Anything Adobe packaged in PAF is being done illegally at this point. Please don't discuss illegal apps or provide hints/suggestions where to find them as we're a 100% legal software site.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

Sorry about that.

Sorry about that.