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SeaMonkey Portable in Other Languages

SeaMonkey, Portable Edition is available packaged in the following languages:

If your language of choice is not listed, you can:

The easiest way to get SeaMonkey Portable in your own language is to simply copy a local installation of SeaMonkey 3 (in your prefered language) into SeaMonkey Portable. To do this:

  1. Install SeaMonkey Portable to your portable device as outlined on the support page
  2. Delete all the files within the SeaMonkeyPortable\App\SeaMonkey\ directory
  3. Copy your local SeaMonkey files to that same directory (you can usually find them in C:\Program Files\Mozilla SeaMonkey\ ).
  4. Use SeaMonkey Portable as normal

You now have SeaMonkey Portable in your own language. Messages from the launcher will still be in English (Ex: Another copy of SeaMonkey is running...). This will be resolved in a future release.