OpenOffice.org Portable 3.0 in Other Languages

OpenOffice.org Portable is available packaged in the following languages:

Language Version Link
English English 3.0 Homepage
French Français 3.0 Download
German Deutsch 3.0 Homepage
Italian* Italiano 3.0 Download
Japanese* Japanese 3.0 Download
Chinese* Trad. Chinese 3.0 Download
English English Languagepack for 3 Download
French Français Languagepack for 3 Download
German Deutsch Languagepack for 3 Download
Italian Italiano Languagepack for 3 Download
Japanese Japanese Languagepack for 3 Download
Chinese Trad. Chinese Languagepack for 3 Download
Multi Multilangual Imagepack for 3 Download

* indicates that the included help file has not been translated

If your language of choice is not listed, there is one other method of getting OpenOffice.org into your chosen locale:

The easiest way to get OpenOffice.org Portable in your own language is to simply copy a local installation of OpenOffice.org (in your prefered language) into OpenOffice.org Portable. To do this:

  1. Install OpenOffice.org Portable to your portable device as outlined on the support page
  2. Copy the directory OpenOfficePortable\App\openoffice\share\fonts\truetype to another location
  3. Delete all the files within the OpenOfficePortable\App\openoffice\ directory
  4. Copy your local OpenOffice.org 3 files to that same directory (you can usually find them in C:\Program Files\OpenOffice.org 3\ )
  5. Copy your local OpenOffice.org files to OpenOfficePortable\App\OpenOffice.org (you can usually find them in C:\Program Files\OpenOffice.org\ )
  6. Copy the directory you saved above (fonts\truetype) back to this location: OpenOfficePortable\App\openofficeshare\fonts\truetype
  7. Use OpenOffice.org Portable as normal

You now have OpenOffice.org Portable in your own language. Error messages from the launcher will still be in English (Ex: Can't find soffice.exe, etc).