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Apps won't install from Platform

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Apps won't install from Platform

From "Get More Apps" menu item, apps will successfully attempt install but don't appear on the Platform when finished. All I get is a pop up window that says "Your new portable apps have been installed and are now available in the Menu". The apps menu pane is empty. I just bought a new 4GB SanDisk thumb drive, formatted it as FAT32. My OS is Win7/64. I tried turning off MSSE but that didn't help. Restarted PC, reformatted thumb drive, still ng.

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You can try

Apps then refresh apps icons sometimes the apps do not appear until the apps list is refreshed (supposed to do this when it installs and can take some time depending on what you have)

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Are you selecting the

Are you selecting the checkbox to the left of the app before pressing the "Next" button?

That message will still appear if you have no apps selected and press Next.

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That was the problem. I was

That was the problem. I was only highlighting the text line. I never noticed the checkbox.

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New Message

A couple users have done the same before, so I'm going to add a new message for when people do this.

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