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Toucan 3.1 Sync Hangs Unless I Move My Mouse

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Toucan 3.1 Sync Hangs Unless I Move My Mouse

As soon as I upgraded Toucan to 3.1, I found that my Sync process (that I've been doing on Toucan for two years) suddenly took almost two hours to complete. After a couple of frustrating days of this, I started watching the progress window (normally, I'd switch to another window and continue working). As I'd move my mouse, the progress would advance. If I quit moving the mouse, it would pause. So, tonight, I started just moving my mouse in circles over the progress window, and the sync completed in less than five minutes! What am I missing here? I'd rather not have to babysit the progress window for five minutes each time I want to sync.

Anyone else seeing this issue? More importantly, anyone know a fix for it?

Steve Lamerton
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operating system are you using? I'm afraid I don't see that here, it is definitely an annoying problem!

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not a fix, but there are programs that 'move' the mouse for you

it's a (possible) workaround, not a fix, but something like Mouse Jiggler might help?

Portable version available in the Beta Testing forum

Unfortunately, I can't see any options to change settings in Mouse Jiggler so I can't tell you how often it 'moves' the cursor.

I know there are other 'move the cursor' programs out there, but can't name any for you.

Abe Frohman
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Any updates to this?

I see the same problem with Toucan 3.1.0 on windows xp.

Any fixes? A mouse auto clicker solves the issue, but then I can't do other work on the computer...

John T. Haller
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Not Developed Currently

Toucan development is suspended as Steve is busy with other things. We're actively seeking another developer to take over. You can either use the current version with this issue or rollback to the previous version (available on our SourceForge project).

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

Abe Frohman
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Thanks for the info!

Thanks for the info! Reverted to far as I know!

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