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Delete file in Dest. that is in Source

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Delete file in Dest. that is in Source

Please help a beginner...

I want to delete file in Destination that is also in Source. How could I do that? I have tried and sought various sources and can not find it.

Files in Source : A, B, C , D
Files in Destination: A, F, G

I want to delete the file A in destination. Is that possible using Toucan? Or I should use other software?

Thanks a lot.

Wm ...
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other software

I don't use Toucan so it may be able to do it but I wouldn't use a sync / backup program for this.

WinMerge would seem a more logical choice. Others may have even better ideas

Edit will work if the files are identical, WinMerge is better if there are likely to be some differences


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