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Version 45.6.0?

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Version 45.6.0?


actually I use the latest version ThunderbirdPortable_45.5.1_English.paf.exe. For the "normal" TB, the version 45.6.0 is available.

Can I use the build-in-update-function to update the PortableTB to 45.6.0 or I have to wait for ThunderbirdPortable_45.6.0_English.paf.exe?

I'm not sure, if the instructions shown here are still up to date?

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Gord Caswell
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Possibly, however is coming

It is possible that you can use the in-built updater; However, as with all applications, it is always best to wait for the portable pckage to be updated. It has been prepared for release, as you can see here:

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