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the portable version of obsidian works properly but the official not

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the portable version of obsidian works properly but the official not

Hello there , I know it may not the best place to ask this question but Ive been looking for a solution to my problem the whole week everywhere on the internet , I installed the official version of obsidian on my laptop and it was working well until the last week it becomes just white blank freeze screen I should shut from task manager each time I try to open it , I tried every possible solution on the internet but still the same weird problem ,
- Uninstalled the app from the roots several times
- Try to open it from different user account on my laptop (I use windows 10 pro)
- Try to open it from safe mode
- Uninstall Google chrome since it may effect on it
but nothing of these worked until I tried your portable app and it opens but still the official don't ,my whole research work is in the app so I just want to know where can the problem be in may case .
Thank you in advance

- Update : When I click settings in the portable version I get black blank screen too and I can do nothing just shut it down .

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Unofficial App

We don't make an Obsidian Portable at present. I'm guessing you mean a development test of it. You'll need to post about it in the testing thread:

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