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Installing LibreOffice Portable on a device with regular LibreOffice?

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Installing LibreOffice Portable on a device with regular LibreOffice?

If a Windows device has regular (non-portable) LibreOffice installed, can one also install and use LibreOffice portable? Or will this cause problems for one or both versions?

The goal is to be able to easily use 2 different versions of LibreOffice without any fuss.

My biggest concern is that if the portable version of LibreOffice is cleaning up all the LibreOffice registry keys it uses, that it will delete the registry keys that the installed version expects.

Also, does the Windows version matter for the answer to this question?

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Works Fine

I use an installed and a portable version regularly. As long as you don't run them at the same time, you're good.

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I Run Both at the Same Time


I run LibreOffice fully installed and LibreOffice Portable at the same time without issues. To set this up see the following thread:

That thread deals with a LibreOffice/OpenOffice combination but the same principles apply if you want to run a LibreOffice/LibreOfficePortable combination — just tweak the LibreOfficePortable.ini file. And just remember to always use the launchers for launching LibreOffice Portable.

I have been using this on both Windows 7 Pro x64 and Windows 10 Pro x64 systems without any issues.

Use Portable Apps on both Flash Drive and HDD/SSD.

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